Labor Relations

Statement of Incompatible Activities

The Statement of Incompatible Activities is intended to guide officers and employees of the Municipal Transportation Agency about the kinds of activities that are incompatible with their public duties and therefore prohibited.

Labor Relations Overview

Provides information regarding the role and responsibilities of the Labor Relations Division.

Division Organizational Structure

Division organizational structure and staff assignments.

Governing Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations governing SFMTA labor relations.

Labor Agreements (MOUs/CBAs)

Provides links to current agreements between the SFMTA and the various labor unions representing our employees. These are the SFMTA Service-Critical and shared City Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs).

Forms and Documents

Relevant labor relations forms and documents.

Labor Organizations/Unions

Provides union representatives’ contacts and other information.

Resources and Information

Miscellaneous links

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