Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office

Here at the SFMTA, employees are our most valuable resource. We are an equal employment opportunity employer. The SFMTA is dedicated to remove barriers that have operated to preclude employment opportunities for all applicants and employees. Overall, equal employment opportunity is a shared responsibility of all SFMTA management to ensure the spirit and intent of the EEO Program are fulfilled.

Our Responsibilities

SFMTA's EEO Office is responsible for

  • Protecting equal employment rights through education and training;

  • Monitoring our compliance with applicable employment laws to ensure fairness in the workplace

    • Reporting to the Director, Department of Transportation on the EEO Program, and,

    • Working with Human Resources to concur on all hires and promotions as well as recruitment

  • Serving as a management advisor on potential discrimination or harassment concerns;

  • Assessing the diversity of the workforce through employment data analysis;

  • Liaison to local, state and federal agencies on EEO-related matters and collaborates with community-based organizations

For information on how to file a discrimination and/or harassment complaint, please contact SFMTA Equal Employment Opportunity.


Contact Information
Virginia Harmon, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer