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Muni Ambassadors Walk, Bike and Ride the Extra Mile

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Each time Muni makes service changes, SFMTA staff from across the agency help to fill hundreds of support shifts to ensure Muni customers easily navigate the changes by dropping off informational materials at community-based organizations in our nine Muni Service Equity Strategy neighborhoods, posting new service signage at Muni stops along affected routes, and helping customers navigate changes with wayfinding assistance. SFMTA staff go the extra mile to make sure this important work gets done, often stepping outside of their normal job roles to help customers out.

We caught up with one of our staff ambassadors, Kate McCarthy, a public outreach and engagement manager, after her shift during the May 15, 2021, service changes for a snapshot of her day as she walked, biked and rode Muni along her way.

Kate started her shift at SFMTA headquarters stocking up on newly updated handouts for the 36/52 Special. She delivered the handouts via the KT Ingleside-Third light rail to the Forest Hill Station agent and other staff ambassadors assisting customers there.

Kate then rode the 36/52 Special to Glen Park Station where she delivered more handouts, hopping on the J Church light rail to Market and Church streets-- alerting staff to missing or outdated signage along the way.


Photo depicting a Muni staff person holding a cup of coffee.

Photo: Kate, enjoying a hot coffee mid-shift while on Ambassador duty during Muni’s May service changes.

From there, Kate boarded the N Judah to Golden Gate Park to check on signage and wayfinding ambassadors at the former N Bus bus stops helping redirect customers to the newly restored Metro stops. Kate reposted missing signs, made sure ambassadors had Metro map handouts, answered questions and noted the feedback from customers.

As she walked back toward Market Street, she saw ambassadors talking to customers and providing information, and made notes about how to improve the customer experience. Kate then hopped on the F Market & Wharves, checking on signage along Market Street.

Kate hopped off to walk up Kearny, checking on ambassadors and making field observations to report to Service Planning staff. Finally, Kate took a bikeshare e-bike back to Market Street to repost missing signs. Whether on bus, bike or foot, our staff is willing to go the extra mile to make sure Muni customers are able to get where they need to go when service has changed.

During Muni’s next service changes, beginning August 14, dozens of SFMTA staff will join Kate out around town posting signs and helping customers. The SFMTA staff ambassadors are ready to assist you getting where you need to go. Look for their orange or yellow vests and say hello!