ATTN: OB #JChurch blocked at San Jose and Randall due to an automobile on the trackway. Expect possible OB switchback at Church & Day. (More: 18 in last 48 hours)
Muni Metro Rail

J Church (Shortened)

Weekdays 5am - 12 midnight; Saturdays 5am - 12 midnight; Sundays 5am - 10pm
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From San Jose & Geneva, north on San Jose, left on 30th St, right on Church, right onto Muni separated trackway from 22nd to 18th sts, to Church. Last stop: Church & Market (inbound platform).


From Church & Market, south on Church, to Muni separated trackway from 18th to 22nd sts, left on Church, left on 30th, right on San Jose, right on Ocean, left into Balboa Park Station.

Church & Market Connections

For service to Downtown, Caltrain and West Portal, transfer at Church Station to the S Shuttle or KT Ingleside/Third Street trains. For service to Ocean Beach, transfer to the N Judah on Duboce. For service to the Fillmore or Mission Bay, transfer to the 22 Flllmore on Church. For service on Market between Twin Peaks and Van Ness, transfer to the 37 Corbett on 14th St.

Map of transfer point at Church & Market, connecting the J to the Subway, F Market Streetcar, N Judah, 22 and 37. For the Subway, use the subway entrances on northwest and southwest corners of Market & Church; station elevator is located just west of the northwest stairwell. For the N Judah to Ocean Beach, board at the platform on the northwest corner of Duboce & Church; accessible ramp is located on the northeast corner of Duboce & Church.