Asset Management Program

Why is the SFMTA Implementing Asset Management?

Over the last decade, the declining condition of national transit assets has led to a nationwide effort in utilizing Asset Management practices to improve the condition and performance of transportation assets. In 2012, the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) funding legislation, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21), established national Asset Management policy and associated requirements for all transit properties. 

The SFMTA Asset Management Unit promotes and implements Asset Management best practices throughout the Agency. This effort actively seeks to maximize the condition, safety, performance, reliability, and management of the transportation system through strategic policy and investments. This unit provides the foun​​dation necessary to understand the full lifecycle costs and impacts of our assets to the Agency; strengthens the links between our planning, finance, engineering, and operations staff; and ensures we have the best information to make strategic decisions about our resources. 


Consistency of practice

We realize that the practice of Asset Management is not a new idea and that many business units within the Agency may already be practicing Asset Management principals within their operations. The Asset Management Program supports areas of our organization that need help adopting these practices, share methods that are already working within the Agency, and establish standards so that information about our assets can flow easily between all levels and areas of our agency. 


Meeting regulatory requirements 

As part of MAP-21, FTA requires that all providers that receive federal funds establish a Transportation Asset Management Plan in order to maintain their assets in a State of Good Repair.  Developing the SFMTA Asset Management program ensures that we meet this requirement.

Similarly, FTA requires inventory, condition, and risk assessments as part of our agency's periodic review process.  Asset Management practices support these requirements by maintaining a consolidated asset inventory with regular and up-to-date condition information. 

The SFMTA Enterprise Asset Management System supports other regulatory requirements by maintaining detailed, searchable maintenance records that can be cross referenced across business units.