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Permanent Slow Streets

Project Introduction

Slow Streets path to permanence map

Permanent Slow Streets is an effort to convert the existing temporary Slow Streets into permanent features in their neighborhoods. The Slow Streets team will vet each existing Slow Street and determine if there's community support for permanence. If support exists, the Slow Street will undergo the 'path to permanence' process, which entails additional outreach and design, and finally the approval process to maintain the Slow Streets designation.

For more information on the Slow Streets program, visit the main webpage at SFMTA.com/SlowStreets.


Slow Streets in the Path to Permanence Process

path to permanence process graphic

Slow Streets in Step 1


  • 20th Street from Lexington Street to Potrero Avenue
  • 23rd Avenue from Lake to Cabrillo streets
  • Arkansas from 23rd to 17th streets
  • Arlington from Roanoke to Randall streets
  • Cabrillo Street from 45th to 25th avenues
  • Chenery Street from Burnside Avenue to Lippard Avenue
  • Clay Street from Arguello Boulevard to Steiner Street
  • Duncan from Guerrero to Sanchez streets
  • Excelsior Avenue from London to Munich streets
  • Golden Gate Avenue from Masonic Avenue to Broderick Street
  • Lake Street from 28th to Second avenues
  • Lombard between Mason and Powell streets
  • Mariposa Street from Kansas to Mississippi streets
  • Minnesota from Mariposa to 22nd streets
  • Noe Street from Duboce to Beaver streets and 17th to 18th streets
  • Pacific Avenue from Steiner to Gough streets
  • Somerset Street from Silver Avenue to Woolsey Street
  • Tompkins Avenue from Andover to Putnam streets

Slow Streets in Step 2

Community outreach processes are underway for the Slow Streets in Step 2, see below for more details. Virtual open houses are currently or will be live soon to inform the community about the path to permanence process and to gather feedback on potential additional traffic safety treatments on the Slow Street in their neighborhood. Additionally, the Slow Streets team will host a number of virtual meetings to talk about these streets and their permanent Slow Street design. Event details for the virtual office hours can be found in the "related events" section on this webpage or on the virtual open house webpage for each Slow Street currently in Step 2.

Shotwell Slow Street

The Slow Street on Shotwell Street between 14th Street and Cesar Chavez is currently in Step 2 in the permanence process. The virtual open house will be live from March 10 to April 15, 2021, and it can be accessed via the button below:

Shotwell Slow Street Virtual Open House

Sanchez Slow Street

The Slow Street on Sanchez Street between 23rd and 30th streets is currently in Step 2 in the path to permanence process. The virtual open house will be live from March 15 to April 26, 2021, and it can be accessed via the button below:

Sanchez Slow Street Virtual Open House

Page Slow Street

 Page Street between Gough and Stanyan is transitioning into Step 2 in the permanence process via the Page Slow Street Project. The Page Slow Street will extend and expand the 2019 Page Street Bikeway Pilot Project to allow more implementation and evaluation of temporary traffic changes (including on Haight Street near Octavia Boulevard) and public engagement prior to finalizing and approving more permanent measures. More information coming soon!  

The following corridors are not on the path to permanence but may be included in the future:

  • Holly Park Circle 
  • Cayuga Avenue
  • All Phase 4 Slow Streets 
  • Slow Streets in District 4 - Permanent Slow Streets will be explored as part of the SFCTA District 4 Mobility Study 


This program was made possible in part by Proposition K Sales Tax dollars provided by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority. 

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