511: Temporary Construction Alert Powell and Lombard Streets 4 hours More...

The 8, 8BX and 39 bus stop will be temporarily moved 100 feet south of the existing stop on Powell between Lombard and Greenwich.

511: Bridge to Bridge Run 7 hours More...

The Bridge to Bridge Run will start at 9:00 am from the Ferry Building. Registration is in Justin Herman Plaza beginning at 7:00 am. After registration, runners will walk across the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building. The route is north on Embarcadero to Jefferson and then through Ft. Mason and the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The 39 Coit will miss the stops at Pier 39 and at Powell & Beach. Use the North Point & Stockton or the Powell & North Point stop.

The E Embarcadero streetcar line will only serve as for north as the Bay Street stop. At Bay Street only, use the northbound stop to go southbound.

The F Market streetcar line will serve Market Street and the Ferry Plaza/Don Chee Way stop only from 8:00 am until clear, approximately 10:30 am. For Embarcadero service use substitute buses or the E Embarcadero. 

From Fisherman's Wharf: 

Stops on Jefferson and on Jones will not be served. Board F Market buses on Beach at Mason or Beach at Stockton. Or board the E Embarcadero on The Embarcadero at Bay, northbound stop. (Or enjoy a bayside walk or bicycle ride along Herb Caen way.)


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The 39 Coit runs daily until early evening.


Coit Tower via Telegraph Hill Boulevard, Lombard, Stockton, Union to Montgomery, then to Fisherman's Wharf via Union, Columbus, Powell, North Point, Stockton to Beach.


Stockton, Beach, Powell, Union, Stockton, Lombard, Telegraph Hill Boulevard to Coit Tower.

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