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Stop Stop ID NextBus Live Data
Laguna Honda Blvd/Forest Hill Sta 15247 Live Data
Woodside Ave & Balceta Ave 16933 Live Data
Woodside Ave & Hernandez Ave 16935 Live Data
Woodside Ave & Ulloa St 16940 Live Data
Woodside Ave & Portola Dr 16938 Live Data
Portola Dr & Glenview Dr 16112 Live Data
Clipper St & Portola Dr 14072 Live Data
DUNCAN ST & AMBER DR 17228 Live Data
Duncan St & Cameo Way 14454 Live Data
Duncan St & Amber Dr 14453 Live Data
Duncan St & Diamond Heights Blvd 14455 Live Data
Diamond Heights Blvd & Gold Mine Dr 14369 Live Data
Diamond Heights Blvd & Diamond St 14364 Live Data
Diamond Heights Blvd & Gold Mine Dr 14368 Live Data
Diamond Heights Blvd & Berkeley Way 14362 Live Data
Diamond St (south)/Diamond Hts 17251 Live Data
Diamond St & Conrad St 14393 Live Data
Diamond St & Moffitt St 14400 Live Data
Diamond St & Arbor St 14383 Live Data
Diamond St & Sussex St 14405 Live Data
Diamond St & Surrey St 14402 Live Data
Diamond St & Chenery St 14389 Live Data
Bosworth St & Diamond St 13696 Live Data
Lyell St & Alemany Blvd 15330 Live Data
Silver Ave & Alemany Blvd 16394 Live Data
Mission St & Silver Ave 15621 Live Data
Excelsior Ave & Mission St 14572 Live Data
Excelsior Ave & Paris St 14574 Live Data
Excelsior Ave & Madrid St 14571 Live Data
Excelsior Ave & Naples St 14573 Live Data
Naples St & Brazil Ave 15476 Live Data
Brazil Ave & Athens St 13759 Live Data
Brazil Ave & Moscow St 13763 Live Data
Brazil Ave & Munich St 13764 Live Data
Brazil Ave & Prague St 13767 Live Data
Prague St & Persia Ave 16082 Live Data


LaGrande and Dublin via LaGrande, Brazil, Mission, Silver, Alemany, Rousseau, Still, Lyell, Bosworth (Glen Park BART), Diamond, Diamond Heights Boulevard, Clipper, Portola, Woodside, Laguna Honda to Forest Hill Muni Metro station.


Forest Hill Muni Metro station via Laguna Honda, Woodside, Portola, Clipper, Diamond Heights Boulevard, Duncan, Diamond Heights Boulevard, Diamond, Bosworth (Glen Park BART), Lyell, Alemany, Silver, Mission, Excelsior, Naples, Brazil, Prague, Persia, Dublin to LaGrande.

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