FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Fillmore and Bush is clearing. OB 22 resuming regular service. (More: 24 in last 48 hours)

SFMTA Transit and Traffic Advisory for Thursday, November 9 through Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Thursday, November 23, 2023


San Francisco—The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) releases the following upcoming event-related traffic and transit impacts for this Thanksgiving week from Thursday, November 23 through Wednesday, November 29, 2023.        

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Masks Recommended        

Following the latest guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), masks are strongly recommended but no longer required in any SFMTA facilities, transit hubs or on vehicles including Muni buses, streetcars, light rail vehicles or cable cars or in taxis or on paratransit.       


Parking Enforcement for Thanksgiving Holiday and Black Friday 

Thursday, Nov. 23 (Thanksgiving Day): The following parking regulations will not be enforced anywhere in the city: parking meters, seven-day street sweeping, residential parking permits, Monday-Friday daytime street sweeping and commuter towaway.  

Friday, Nov. 24 (Black Friday): Parking meters (all meters including color capped), white zones, nightly street sweeping (street cleaning) and safety violations (no stopping, no parking, red and blue zones) will be enforced citywide. Residential parking permits, general parking time limits, Monday-Friday daytime street sweeping, unmetered yellow and green zones and commuter towaway will not be enforced. 

Vehicles creating a hazard and/or an unsafe condition (i.e. double parking, blocking a bike lane, blocking driveways, blocking crosswalks, fire hydrants, etc.) are always subject to receiving citations and may be towed. 

Note: Parking meters in the city are enforced Monday through Saturday with exception of the following areas where parking meters are enforced seven days per week throughout the year except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

  • Parking meters in the Fisherman’s Wharf area 
  • Along The Embarcadero Roadway 
  • In the Special Event Area around AT&T Park 
  • Five metered off-street parking facilities listed below: 
  • 8th Avenue at Clement Street 
  • 9th Avenue at Clement Street 
  • Geary Boulevard at 21st Avenue 
  • 18th Avenue at Geary Boulevard 
  • Pierce Street Garage (between Lombard and Chestnut streets) 


Muni Schedule for Thanksgiving Holiday and Black Friday   

Thursday, Nov. 23: On Thanksgiving Day Holiday, Muni will operate on a Sunday schedule.   

Friday, Nov. 24: On Black Friday, Muni will operate on a weekday schedule to provide service for those visiting and shopping in the city. 


Events at Chase Center       

Friday, Nov. 24: The Golden State Warriors will play a basketball game at Chase Center against the San Antonio Spurs beginning at 7 p.m. 

Supplemental Muni Service       

  • Muni will operate supplemental 78X Arena Express service:       
  • Pre-event express shuttle service from 16th Street BART Station to Chase Center will start two and a half hours before each game/event and will end one hour after game/event starts.       
  • Post-event express shuttle service from Chase Center on 16th Street to 16th Street BART Station will run until the area clears.               

Special Event Parking Rates       

During basketball games and other major events with more than 10,000 expected attendees at the arena, parking meters close to the arena will charge a special event rate of $10 per hour. These rates help reduce congestion and keep parking spots available in the neighborhoods near the arena, discouraging circling for free or cheap parking. Start times for special event rates  

vary based on the start time of the event. More information on special event parking regulations can be found on               

Street Closures       

To accommodate events that will take place at the arena, the following street closures will be enforced two hours before and one hour after each event:         

  • 16th Street between 3rd Street and Terry Francois Boulevard       
  • Warriors Way between 3rd Street and Terry Francois Boulevard       
  • Northbound 3rd Street between 16th Street and Warriors Way will also be closed approximately 30 minutes before and 45 minutes after an event.        
  • Only local access will be allowed on Northbound Illinois Street between Mariposa and 16th streets.               

No Parking Zone       

To facilitate loading and pick up for Muni customers and patrons, NO PARKING will be in effect at these locations during events:             

  • 16th Street between 3rd Street and Terry Francois Boulevard       
  • Warriors Way between 3rd Street and Terry Francois Boulevard       
  • Between the 500 and 700 blocks of Terry Francois Boulevard (TFB)       

Taxi Stands       

There is one taxi stand located on southbound Terry Francois Boulevard.       

Ramp Taxis should use the loading zone on eastbound Warriors Way at Bridgeview Way.       

Additional Passenger Loading       

  • 4th Street which connects to Chase Center via Gene Friend Way pedestrian path which cuts through UCSF campus.       
  • Owens Street connects to Chase Center via Gene Friend Way pedestrian path which cuts through UCSF campus.              

For details about transportation to the Chase Center, including Muni service and connections from the Bay Area transit system to Muni, visit       



UPDATE: 16th Street Improvement Project        

As part of the Muni Forward Program and to improve reliability, speed and increase overall system effectiveness for the key 22 Fillmore route, the 16th Street Improvement Project is part of a larger network of proposed or planned improvements to the Muni system.      

There is no active construction scheduled for this weekend.       

For more project details and the latest construction updates, visit       


UPDATE: L Taraval Improvement Project—Segment B           

The L Taraval Improvement project continues construction along Segment B replacing and repairing the infrastructure along the L Taraval line between Sunset Boulevard and 15th Avenue, and on Ulloa Street near West Portal.          

The project is a comprehensive infrastructure rehabilitation of sewer and water lines and streetscape project. The project will address safety concerns for customers boarding Muni, address the much-needed rehabilitation of aging sewer and water lines while bringing streetscape improvements to the Taraval corridor for added vibrancy.       

Work continues on water lines, as well as on the overhead contact system (OCS) that powers the trains. OCS work has transitioned to underground conduit work to support power to the trains and the new and existing streetlights. Curb ramp work has started with demolition and grading areas in preparation for construction of the new boarding ramps and to upgrade existing boarding ramps.           

The rail tracks west of the intersection of Ulloa and Madrone streets have been taken offline to facilitate the reconstruction of the water and sewer mains as well as replace the tracks and overhead lines. The upgraded sewer and water lines, permanent boarding islands and increased accessibility will make riding safer and more reliable.            

The L Bus now runs between West Portal and the SF Zoo. Customers can transfer to a train at West Portal Station to travel downtown.       

To facilitate the project during track in each section (except at 15th Avenue), there are temporary bus stop changes:            

  • The inbound bus stop at Taraval Street and 15th Avenue has been relocated across the intersection until fall 2024.       

The following L Taraval bus stops will be relocated during construction through November 22:     

  • The bus will reroute off Taraval between 35th and 25th avenues and Taraval and 17th and West Portal        

Inbound L Taraval / L Special / L Owl    

  • Taraval and 15th Avenue to 14th Avenue and Taraval, northwest corner    
  • Taraval and 17th Avenue to Taraval and 17th Avenue, northeast corner    
  • Taraval and 26th Avenue to Ulloa and 26th Avenue, southwest corner    
  • Taraval and 30th Avenue to 30th and Taraval, northwest corner at the 66 Quintara stop    
  • Taraval and 32nd to Santiago and 32nd, southwest corner        

Outbound L Taraval / L Special / L Owl        

  • Ulloa and Forestside to Ulloa and Lenox, northwest corner    
  • 15th Avenue and Taraval to 17th Avenue and Taraval, southeast corner    
  • Taraval and 19th Avenue to Taraval and 19th Avenue, curb lane    
  • Taraval and 23rd Avenue to Taraval and 23rd Avenue, northeast corner    
  • Taraval and 26th Avenue to Ulloa and 26th Avenue, northeast corner    
  • Taraval and 30th Avenue to 30th Avenue and Taraval, southeast corner    
  • Taraval and 32nd Avenue to Santiago and 32nd Avenue, northeast corner    

    Get interactive bus reroute maps with temporary bus stop relocations during construction at   


Track Work            

The tracks along Taraval Street are actively being installed. Crews have been excavating, removing, pulling rails in to install, building new foundations, pouring concrete slabs, setting rails, block-by-block in track areas.          

Areas of current track work:        

  • 15th Avenue between Ulloa and Taraval streets sawcut, excavation and removal    
  • Taraval between 15th and 16th avenues –  sawcut, excavation and removal                

 Please note the following impacts to travel during track work:             

  • Parking: No parking in track work areas       
  • By car: Taraval Street will be open to through traffic traveling east- and westbound, however, vehicles approaching areas with active track installation will only be able to access Taraval Street by making right turns.     
  • By bus: The L Bus may be rerouted around the construction area when heavy equipment is present.       
  • On foot: Pedestrians will be able to cross Taraval Street in the construction area at 18th Avenue via a pedestrian access during non-construction hours and weekends.                  

Overhead contact system (OCS) pole, overhead wiring and permanent pole placement will happen along the L Taraval line from Ulloa and Funston to Taraval and Sunset.  This work will be conducted overnight between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. and expected to be complete June 2024. Work on any given block will vary and is expected to take a few hours to a few days per location.  There will be no overnight work between November 22nd through 26th. Work is expected to resume on Monday, November 27th 10 pm to 5 am.     

Construction is scheduled to take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Extreme weather conditions may impact the construction schedule.          

The holiday construction moratorium will be observed from Thanksgiving until January 1, 2024. No construction activity will be performed in the commercial area along Taraval between Sunset and 16th Avenues between 7 am and 10 pm.    

 In observance of Thanksgiving there will be no construction activity from Thursday, November 23 thru Sunday, November 26, 2023.   

Area Project   

Taraval Street and 19th Avenue: San Francisco Department of Public works will be doing work for the 19th Avenue Project from Friday, November 10 through Thursday, Nov. 23 (Thanksgiving).      

For additional project details, visit Project. For project updates of work from Monday, November 18 – December 2, visit the Project Update.     



ONGOING: Northeast Van Ness Station Entrance Closure             

Since Saturday, April 1, due to installation of the roll-up gate, the entrance located at the northeast corner of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue (next to the construction site) is closed for approximately three months.              

To access Van Ness Station, customers can use the other three entrances on Market Street and Van Ness Avenue located at the:              

  • Southeast corner       
  • Southwest corner       
  • Northwest corner              

For more information, visit       


ONGOING: 19th Avenue (CA Route 1) Combined City Project             

San Francisco Public Works is leading a multi-agency project to replace aging infrastructure and improve safety along 19th Avenue between Holloway Avenue and Lincoln Way.              

Construction work for the first and second segment of this project along 19th Avenue between Lincoln Way and Taraval streets was completed. Construction work for bulbouts in the third and fourth segment along 19th Avenue between Taraval Street and Holloway Avenue is ongoing.          

As part of the 19th Avenue Combined City Project, the SFMTA will implement transit priority and safety improvements for people walking along 19th Avenue. The improvements will make it safer to walk, remove stops to make transit service more reliable, and enhance customers’ experiences—on and off the bus.              

To improve safety along 19th Avenue, the SFMTA will: 1) install pedestrian bulbs at 19 intersections and transit bulbs at 13 intersections; 2) modify traffic and pedestrian signals to give people who walk more time to cross the street; and 3) extend the bus zone at one intersection. Installing transit bulbs allow Muni vehicles to stop for passengers without having to pull out of traffic, and pedestrian bulbs increase the visibility at intersections of people who walk.              

As part of the project, seven Muni stops were removed on 19th Avenue between Irving Street and Ocean Avenue last October. The following Muni routes have been affected with the stop removal:       

  • 28 19th Avenue       
  • 91 3rd Street/19th Avenue Owl               

To find additional information about the transit reliability and pedestrian safety components, visit For overall project information, visit       


ONGOING: Essential Trip Card Discount Program             

The SFMTA’s program, Essential Trip Card (ETC) Program, assists people with disabilities and older adults to make essential trips using taxis. The program provides two to three round trips at an 80% discount per month, i.e. rider pays $6 to receive a value of $30 or pays $12 to receive a $60 value. If essential needs require it, riders may receive additional value up to $120 of taxi service per month.       

To qualify for the program: customer must be either age 65 or older or an adult with disabilities. Eligible adults may apply for the ETC program by calling the Paratransit Mobility Management  

office at 415-351-7053. Staff are available weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. Visit for additional details and for a list of San Francisco taxi companies, visit        


SFMTA’s Shop-a-Round program which offers registered seniors and people with disabilities personalized assistance and rides to and from grocery stores and farmers markets is available as well. For more information, visit              


ONGOING: Shared Spaces Program             

The city’s multi-agency Shared Spaces program opened some parts of streets in San Francisco to create public space for outdoor dining, retail, cultural activities and physical distancing. The program allows the use of sidewalks, parking space, full or partial streets, or other nearby public spaces like parks and plazas for a wide range of activities responding to the COVID pandemic, as allowed by San Francisco’s Public Health Order.          

For details about the new legislated program requirements, permit fees and training opportunities, visit Shared Space/San Francisco(               

For details, locations and updates on street closures related to Shared Spaces, visit               


To help with your travel plans to special events in the City of San Francisco, this release will be updated on a weekly basis. Whether you are a visitor or a local resident in the City, we hope you have an enjoyable weekend!               

For more information on Muni service, please call the San Francisco Customer Service Center at 311 or visit For additional information on Muni's Accessible Services Program, please call (415) 701-4485 or TTY (415) 701-4730.               

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