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2020 Muni Art

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The 2020 theme, “Hidden Gems of San Francisco” is a collaboration with The Poetry Society of America (sponsors of Poetry in Motion ®).  The non-profit organization was involved in the selection of the five poems from local poets which in turn were creatively interpreted by each Muni artist resulting in key artwork pieces from each artist for public display.

The 2020 Muni artists are:

Wendy Ackrell:

Colorful geometric shapes

Shannon Bodrogi:

Stylized images of San Francisco with the word "Nourishment" overlaid

Vanessa Fajardo:

Watercolor of T Third Muni Metro Light Rail Vehicle approaching under a cresent moon

Skooter Fein:

Collage of various San Francisco themes including the Transamerica Pyramid

Jocelyn Li Langrand:

Jocelyn Li Langrand's illustration of people and a giraffe riding bikes up a hill with "San Francisco" written upon it

The five 2020 Muni poets and poems are:

Iris Jamahl Dunkle “Listening to the Caryatids on the Palace of Fine Arts”

Randall Mann “The Long View”

Melissa Stein “Baker Beach”

Tess Taylor “Train Through Colma”

Mathew Zapruder “The Antidote to Fascism is Poetry”