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Please see Related Projects on this page for current project information. We are keeping this page as a record of SFMTA outreach.

2021 Muni Art

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The 2021 theme, “San Francisco United” is the sixth year that the SFMTA, San Francisco Beautiful and The Poetry Society of America (sponsors of Poetry in Motion ®) have collaborated to bring art and poetry to Muni commuters.

The 2021 Muni artists are:

Kundan Baidwan

Abstract consisting of lines of dots crossing each other here and there, arranged over what look like gray rocks topped with lime-green, some of it rising into the air, which is light gray like fog.

Agustina Caprioglio

osterized image of white and translucent doves on phone lines and purple, orange, red and translucent origami cranes in front of a purple, a red and an orange buildings and lined up in a window of the red building.

John Keating

One person embraces a woman as they stand in front of a yellow stone wall. Behind the wall is a rock formation with a hole in it and behind that the ocean with the moon peeking up over the horizon. Waves beat against the rock formation.

Deirdre Weinberg

Red phone wires lined with red birds in front of a blue sky. There is a red building to the left and red palm trees in the background.

Wes Wellner

A suited male walks past a brick wall under a street lamp, surrounded by darkness, with the downtown skyline, moon and stars in the background.

The 2021 Muni poets and poems are:

Kim Addonizio "Cranes in August"

Derrick Austin from "Persian Blue"

Jennifer Elise Foerster from "Lost Coast"

Thom Gunn "The Night Piece"

Gary Soto "Stars"