UPDATE: IB/OB 44 cleared at Ingalls & Harbor. Regular service resuming. Expect rolling delays. https://t.co/TX3CA3KZpk (More: 4 in last 24 hours)

July 4th Extra Service

Beat the traffic and celebrate July 4th with Muni! 

Muni wants to get you to the festivities and back, quickly and safely, on Independence Day. 

Getting There

Before the show, from 3 to 8:30 p.m., Muni will provide extra service to connect people from the Muni Metro Subway, BART, Ferries and Caltrain to both viewing areas.

  • Along Market Street, from Van Ness to the Pier 39 viewing area.
  • Along The Embarcadero, from the Caltrain Station to the Pier 39 viewing area.

Getting Back

After the show, from 9:15 to 11:30 p.m., Muni will have three shuttles providing express service to Civic Center Station, the Ferry Building and Caltrain. These buses will use transit-only lanes to avoid traffic wherever possible.

July 4th Express Service Locations
Destination Boarding Location Drop Off Location
Civic Center On Van Ness, at North Point On Hyde, at Grove
Ferry Building On Kearny, at North Point Ferry Building
Caltrain Station On Kearny, at North Point Caltrain Station