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Lake Merced Quick-Build Project Proposed Designs + Comments Received

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This project seeks to improve traffic safety and comfort for all users on Lake Merced Boulevard between Skyline Boulevard and John Muir Drive

Lake Merced Blvd is on the City's High Injury Network, the 13% of San Francisco's streets that account for more than 75% of traffic collisions that lead to severe injuries and fatalities. In the last five years there were 89 collisions along Lake Merced Blvd that resulted in 87 injuries and two fatalities. One-third of incidents cite unsafe speeds as a primary factor of the collision. 

The two main goals for the Lake Merced Quick-Build Project are to: 

1. Install traffic calming improvements to reduce crashes and improve comfort for all travelers along Lake Merced Blvd

2. Implement safe pedestrian and bicycle connections to or along Lake Merced Blvd 

Project features are guided by community recommendations as outlined in the Lake Merced Pedestrian Safety Community Based Transportation Plan (adopted October 2021). The proposed project designs were created using the SFMTA's Vision Zero Quick-Build toolkit, which consists of relatively inexpensive, flexible, and effective traffic safety improvements that can be installed and adapted quickly.

Let us know your thoughts! 

The survey will be open for comment for three weeks from April 7th through April 29th! 

Provide feedback!  請在此處提供回饋!¡Brinda sus comentarios aquí!


The 5-minute survey includes questions about you, your relationship to Lake Merced Blvd, and whether you support the proposed quick-build designs at five different sections along Lake Merced Blvd, between John Muir Dr and Skyline Blvd. Your feedback will inform the project team on next steps and if any refinements need to be made to the design prior to legislation. We hope to legislate the project by Summer/Fall 2022 with the first phase of construction to begin by the end of the year.

Comments Received 

We will also be posting responses to your questions periodically! 

Comments and questions received from the public for the Lake Merced Quick-Build Project Proposed Designs will be posted here for the public to view.

The questions received within the survey period will be responded to and posted on this webpage. Please check back on periodically to view comments and responses to questions.


Thalia Leng

Senior Transportation Planner