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Vision Zero Quick-Build Projects

The Vision Zero Quick-Build initiative is an SFMTA effort to quickly implement pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements on the Vision Zero High Injury Network. Our Agency is committed to delivering quick-build projects, while also working on comprehensive longer-term street changes for major capital projects. The SFMTA believes that quick-build safety projects will decrease the number of people fatally and severely injured on San Francisco streets, resulting in progress towards the SFMTA’s Vision Zero commitment.


Every year in San Francisco, approximately 30 people lose their lives and over 500 more are severely injured while traveling on city streets. Quick-build projects are one tool that the SFMTA is using to help implement safety projects faster, on San Francisco’s Vision Zero High Injury Network, or the streets where engineering improvements can have the biggest impact in reducing traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries.

In 2019, the SFMTA Board of Directors passed a resolution that enables the Agency to deliver quick-build projects in a more efficient and expedited manner by streamlining project delivery. The policy change was in response to Mayor Breed’s and the SFMTA Board of Directors’ requests for faster safety improvements on San Francisco streets.


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What are quick-build projects?

Quick-build projects are reversible, adjustable traffic safety improvements that can be installed relatively quickly. Unlike major capital projects that may take years to plan, design, bid and construct, quick-build projects are constructed within weeks or months and are intended to be evaluated and reviewed within the initial 24 months of construction. Typical quick-build type improvements include:

  • Paint, traffic delineators, and street signs
  • Parking and loading adjustments
  • Traffic signal timing
  • Transit boarding islands

The public and neighboring stakeholders will be informed of these projects prior to construction and will have the opportunity to provide input at a public hearing. Additionally, the SFMTA, through its Vision Zero Safe Streets Evaluation Program, will analyze projects pre- and post-implementation to review outcomes and determine design effectiveness. These findings will be reported to the public on the SFMTA website as well as reported back to the SFMTA Board of Directors within 24 months. Evaluations will inform near-term modifications and long-term designs for streets.

Since quick-build projects are focused on the Vision Zero High Injury Network, often where a longer-term project is planned, not all projects are suitable for quick-build implementation. The SFMTA will continue to work with its City and stakeholder partners on the implementation of longer-term projects that include hardscape safety improvements and streetscape elements.

Learn more about our Safe Streets Evaluation Program by clicking on the button below.

Safe Streets Evaluation Program

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a citywide policy passed in 2014 and it is a commitment to build better and safer streets, educate the public on traffic safety, enforce traffic laws, and adopt policy changes that save lives. The goal is to create a culture that prioritizes traffic safety and ensure that mistakes on our roadways do not result in serious injuries or death.

The selected streets for quick-build projects are primarily located on the Vision Zero High Injury Network, the 12 percent of streets accounting for 68 percent of the City’s severe and fatal traffic injuries. In some cases, quick-build projects also stem from larger capital project efforts, advancing streetscape and capital infrastructure for transportation safety and livability improvements.

The Quick-Build Program is one of many efforts to help achieve the City’s Vision Zero goals. Read more about other City efforts in the San Francisco Vision Zero Action Strategy.

Read the Vision Zero Action Strategy

Quick-Build Projects

Below is the current set of quick-build projects that the SFMTA is committed to delivering. For more information on our quick-build projects please contact us at or sign up for our email updates.


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