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Potrero Yard Modernization Project Summer 2023 Newsletter

Neighborhoods Affected

Welcome to the first edition of the Potrero Yard Modernization Project newsletter! We are excited to bring you the latest updates on the transformation of the SFMTA’s obsolete, century-old bus yard into a modern, efficient bus maintenance and storage facility that will integrate new affordable housing and retail spaces. 

In this issue:

  1. Our Story: Project Overview 

  2. Who We are: Meet the Lead Developer

  3. The Work So Far: Project Timeline and Milestones

  4. What We’ve Been Up To: Recent Community Outreach and Activities

  5. Save the Date for our September Community Open House

  6. Conversations with the Micro and Small Business Community

  7.  Learn More, Get Involved, and Stay Informed

If your organization would like an update on the Project, let us know! We offer Community Listening Sessions to provide updates on the project and listen to your feedback. Let us know what dates/times work best for your organization, and we can schedule something soon. Contact

Save the date for our September Community Open House to learn more about the project including updated designs, economic development opportunities and public art plan.

  • Wednesday, September 20, 5:30 p.m.
  • Location: Z Space, 450 Florida Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

1. Our Story: Project Overview

The new state-of-the-art bus facility will not only improve the maintenance and storage capabilities but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable and reliable transportation system for our community. The Project addresses critical transportation issues and improves:Ciritcal issues Efficiency Repair buses faster, improving Muni’s reliability Sustainability Provide the green infrastructure needed for all-electric fleet Future Growth  Accommodate fleet as it grows -- room for 54% more buses at the yardWork Conditions Improve environments, amenities and safety conditions for 800+ staff
The Potrero Yard Modernization Project will also address a critical affordable housing need as  the nation’s first joint development of a bus maintenance facility with housing and commercial spaces combined. 

Under a Public-Private partnership agreement with SFMTA, the Lead Developer will continue to maintain the bus yard for 30 years and enter into a ground lease to operate housing for the next 75 years.

Historic photo of Potrero Yard

2. Who We Are: Meet the Lead Developer

Potrero Neighborhood Collective (PNC)

We are proud to introduce the dedicated professionals working tirelessly to make the Potrero Yard Modernization Project a success. In November 2022, the SFMTA Board of Directors awarded the Project’s predevelopment agreement (PDA) to Potrero Neighborhood Collective (PNC) as Lead Developer.

PNC is a unique combination of firms and teams who bring global leadership in infrastructure development with local expertise rooted in San Francisco – all connected by a shared commitment to innovation, efficiency, and community inclusion.


Plenary Americas

Plenary Americas is a leading infrastructure development company committed to creating sustainable and transformative projects across the Americas. With a diverse portfolio of 59 active projects valued at over $17 billion USD spanning transportation, healthcare, energy, and more, Plenary Americas brings together expertise, innovation, and financial acumen to deliver infrastructure solutions that meet the evolving needs of communities.

medaMission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)

As a dynamic force in community-driven economic development, the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) is dedicated to fostering equitable opportunities and prosperity in the Mission District of San Francisco. MEDA works to strengthen small businesses, create affordable housing options, provide job training and financial services, and empower residents with the tools they need to thrive. 

ycdYoung Community Developers (YCD)

Young Community Developers (YCD) is an organization dedicated to empowering young individuals and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. By offering comprehensive training programs, mentorship, and support services, YCD equips young adults with the skills and resources necessary to secure sustainable employment and achieve economic independence. 


Tabernacle Community Development Corporation (TCDC)

With a focus on holistic revitalization, TCDC works diligently to enhance the quality of life for residents by providing affordable housing, economic opportunities, educational programs, and supportive services. By collaborating with local stakeholders and nurturing community engagement, TCDC cultivates a sense of belonging, empowerment, and sustainable progress, laying the foundation for a thriving and inclusive community.

Arcadis IBI Groupibi group

IBI Group is a global leader in the delivery of sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets. Together, with passionate thinkers, designers, and engineers across 70 countries, the combined strength of Arcadis IBI Group provides unprecedented opportunities to offer new client solutions, while defining the cities of tomorrow, together. 

YA Studioya studio

Y.A. studio is a San Francisco based architectural design studio committed to bringing an innovative and modern approach to design, primarily in the San Francisco Bay area. Y.A. studio is an African American owned Architectural firm, registered Certified Minority-Owned San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (LBE), and practices Architecture in California and Nevada.

Plant Constructionplant construction

Plant Construction is a specialized company that offers comprehensive services for planning, designing, and constructing industrial facilities. They work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and objectives, and then develop tailored designs that optimize functionality, efficiency, and safety within the plant.

    The Allen Groupallen group

    The Allen Group is an African American woman-owned firm founded on the principle that small local, minority businesses can deliver quality and value on major projects equal to that provided by the largest firms in the engineering-construction industry. The Allen Group is a small project and construction management firm that is focused on delivering big results on prominent civil infrastructure projects.

      D&A CommunicationsDandA

      Davis & Associates is an equity-first communications agency that focuses on the needs of diverse communities and clients’ goals through integrated communications, authentic engagement, and public participation programs that create real-world transformation. The agency specializes in public engagement projects, community issues and supporting public outreach. 

      WT Partnershipwt

      WT Partnership is a consultant firm structured around three main offerings –  Advising, Cost Consulting and Project Delivery.  This is done from owners’ representatives to design management, through contract management and commissioning services.

      3. The Work So Far: Project Timeline and Milestones

      The Project is on track according to schedule:

      potrero Proejct timeline

      Building Progress: 50% Schematic Design Complete

      Our team of architects and design experts has worked diligently to create a state-of-the-art bus yard facility that integrates housing and retail opportunities. Our proposed design is rooted in being a good neighbor by minimizing shadowing on Franklin Square Park, providing views into the yard for public visibility of Muni operations, and including a strategy to achieve LEED Gold rating. We anticipate presenting updated designs to the public in Fall 2023.

      rendering of Potrero Yard from 17th and Bryant streets
      Conceptual rendering, nearest intersection is 17th and Bryant. Image: Arcadis IBI Group.

      PNC 50 percent mariposa hampshire
      Conceptual rendering of Mariposa & Hampshire intersection. Image: Arcadis IBI Group.

       PNC 50 percent Hampshire
      Conceptual rendering of Hampshire & 17th Streets intersection. Image: Arcadis IBI Group.

      PNC 50 percent Hampshire night
      Conceptual rendering of Hampshire & 17th Streets intersection. Image: Arcadis IBI Group.

      PNC 50 percent Franklin Square
      Conceptual rendering of 17th Street frontage. Image: Arcadis IBI Group.

      Community Feedback

      PNC conducted outreach to better understand the goals of the public and neighbors pertaining to the design, amenities, shared spaces and art. Based on the feedback received, the Project design will create a diverse and stimulating cultural environment while commissioning art installations that represent the history of the Mission and Potrero Hill neighborhoods and highlights the SFMTA's goals to promote environmental stewardship and provide reliable, safe and affordable transportation for all. Project planning and execution around public art will be facilitated through a partnership with the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC). 

      In Spring 2023, the community was surveyed on the following open decision points. The survey questions and top 3 votes are below (listed in order of popularity): Potrero Yard Project Open House Mar 18 2023 KQED

      • What kind of neighborhood servicing organizations or businesses would you visit? 

      1. Cafe or restaurants 2. Convenience store 3. Library

      • What type of street vendors would you like to see on 17th street?

      1. Farmers market 2. Fruit stand 3. Artists or craft fair

      • What types of sidewalk activations would you like to see on 17th street?

      1. Rainwater capture 2. Benches 3. Public restroom

      • What tree species would you like to see included in the landscaping around the Yard?

      1. Gold Medallion Tree, 2. Princeton Sentry Ginkgo 3. Strawberry Tree

      trees ranked Gold Medallion, Princeton Century, Strawberry







      Trees Species ranked by preference

      • Related to the building materials, which metal screening do you prefer?

      1. Silver reflective (52%)  2. Yellow with circles (33%)  3. Dark rectangular (15%) (Results listed in order of popularity.)

      Potrero Yard Proposed metal screening

      • Related to the building materials, which lighting do you prefer?

      1. Rainbow lighting on glass panels (52%) 2. Multi-story white lighting with red (22%) 3. Warm yellow lighting over brick (15%) (Results listed in order of popularity.)

      Potrero Yard lighting samples

      • Related to the building materials, which glass do you prefer?

      1. Clear glass (40%) 2. Black or dark glass (30%) 3. White glass (30%) (Results listed in order of popularity.)

      Potrero Yard glass samples

      • Related to the building materials, which concrete do you prefer?

      1. Modern concrete with horizontal lines (43%) 2. Geometric concrete with vertical lines (30%) 3. Vertical and horizontal lines (27%) (Results listed in order of popularity.)

      potrero yard concrete samples

      Next Steps

      We are moving toward finishing 100% Schematic Designs by fall of 2023. Additionally, we have completed the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) as part of meeting the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). PNC is working with the City to obtain Entitlements including submitting the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) as part of meeting the CEQA requirements.

      4. What We’ve Been Up To: Recent Community Outreach and ActivitiesPotrero Yard project at Franklin Sq park spring 2023

      We have recently attended and hosted several community events to share information about the Project and gather valuable input from residents and stakeholders. Some of the events we attended include SF Carnaval and KQED Fest. The full list of engagement activities can be found below: 

      • Pre-Application Meeting (December 13, 2022)
      • District 9 Beautification Day (February 11, 2023)
      • Open House (March 18, 2023)
      • Civic Design Review (March 20, 2023)
      • KQED Fest (April 29, 2023)
      • Virtual Public Meeting (May 17, 2023)
      • Carnaval San Francisco (May 27-28, 2023)
      • Digital Survey on Open Decision Points (March – May 2023)
      • Sunday Streets - Valencia St. (July 30, 2023)
      • Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group Meetings (Monthly)
      • Community Listening Sessions (20+ sessions to date)

        Potrero Yard team at KQED fest Apr 19 2023

      The Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group (PYNWG) was assembled in 2018 to bring community members together to work in partnership with the SFMTA to shape public outreach and weigh in on elements of Project design. The Working Group has historically included 15 seats filled by community members representing a diverse group of neighbors, stakeholders and SFMTA employees. In June 2023, the Working Group was further expanded to include five (5) new seats: Cultural Districts (2), Family Services (1), Senior Advocate (1) and Workforce Development Organization (1). The SFMTA received over 30 applications to fill these new seats as well as existing vacant seats, conducted interviews with applicants, and filled eight (8) seats. Together, the SFMTA and PNC are excited to welcome our newest  Working Group members.


      New Neighborhood Working Group members:
       Photo of new Potrero Neighborhood Working Group members, which include: Erick Arguello (Calle 24), Cultural District seat; Amy Beinart, At-Large seat; James Bryant, At-Large seat; Heather Dunbar (Landscape Architect), Preservation/Beautification seat; Shellena Eskridge (Homeless Prenatal Program), Housing Advocate seat; Christian Howes (Little Mission Studios), Small Business within 0.5 miles seat; Raven McCroey (Shanti Project), Family Services seat; Manuel Santamaria (Muni Operator), SFMTA/Muni Front line Staff Advocate seat; Mary Travis-Allen (American Indian Cultural District), Cultural District seat

      If your organization would like an update on the Project, let us know! We are hosting Community Listening Sessions to provide updates on the project and listen to your feedback. Let us know what dates/times work best for your organization, and we can schedule something soon. Contact,

      5. Save the Date for our September Community Open House

      We invite you to mark your calendars for our Community Open House, where we will share the Draft 100% Schematic Designs, scheduled for September 20, 2023. This meeting will provide an opportunity for the community to receive continued updates on the Project's progress, ask questions and share feedback.

      • Wednesday, September 20, 2023, 5:30 p.m.
      • Z Space, 450 Florida St, San Francisco, CA 94110

      6. Conversations with the Micro and Small Business CommunityPresentation to the Local Business Enterprise Advisory Committee

      Conversations and meetings have taken place throughout the summer with Local Business Enterprises (LBEs) to present the Project and to build relationships with organizations rooted in San Francisco. 

      PNC wants to hear from LBEs and Micro LBEs that specialize in construction and related professional services. If you are an LBE owner and would like to learn more, please reach out to our team at

      7. Learn More, Get Involved, and Stay Informed

      We will continue to keep you updated as the project progresses. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us at or

      Thank you for your continued support as we work together to transform the Potrero Yard while maintaining services to the community, developing our workforce and reflecting the values of the neighborhood. | | (415) 646-2223