Balboa Park Station Project Status Map

Project Overview

Thumbnail of Map of Balboa Park Station Area with Project Pins highlighting the status of area projects under construction or completed.

View a map of the capital projects that are either planned, under construction, or that have completed construction in the Balboa Park Transit Station area, served by BART, SFMTA Light Rail and several SFMTA bus lines and community shuttle services.

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Project Details

Balboa Park BART and MUNI Station is one of the highest ridership transit destinations in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.  The Balboa Park Station Community Advisory Committee has been responsible for monitoring the progress of construction projects in the area that will reduce conflicts among the travel modes in the corridor, improve pedestrian safety, and improve the customer experience when using the station area by providing more amenities to make the station user friendly.

There are nearly four dozen projects in the station area.  The map highlights the project mode (pedestrian, bicycle, transit, automobile) and current project status (planned, in progress, completed).  To view the project area map with information on the project status of Balboa Park Station area projects, click here