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Dear Friends of the Waterfront Transportation Assessment:

Please join us for a presentation by SFMTA's Urban Planning Initiatives to learn about how you can support waterfront transportation as San Francisco continues to grow.

We feel confident that we are coming back to you with a better understanding of the waterfront transportation network and clear findings that tell us what we need to do to improve existing transportation challenges and accommodate future growth over the next 25 years.

We look forward to seeing you, and as always, thank you for your continued partnership!

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The Waterfront Transportation Assessment (the Assessment) is a coordinated transportation planning effort that included the SFMTA, the Port of San Francisco, and the City of San Francisco.  It was scoped to evaluate the current and planned transportation network (the transportation “pipeline”) in the face of cumulative future development through 2040.  The Waterfront Transportation Assessment is anticipated to continue into early 2015, with the completion of the SoMa/Mission Bay/Central Waterfront Transportation Needs & Solutions Analysis.  The Assessment will not only help the city and SFMTA in evaluating, prioritizing, planning and funding for transportation investments along key waterfront corridors such as Third Street; but it will also help to inform development proposals along the waterfront, on both city and Port-owned properties, as their own transportation plans are developed and/or mitigations identified.

November 2014 Transportation Strategy MatrixThe Waterfront Transportation Assessment (the Assessment) was scoped to evaluate the current and planned transportation network (the transportation “pipeline”) in the face of cumulative future development through 2040, and in anticipation of current major development proposals including the Warriors in Mission Bay, , Seawall Lot 337 & Pier 48, and Pier 70 projects.  Phase 1 of the Assessment was completed in late 2013. The guiding principles the of the Assessment have been “capacity, safety, reliability and flexibility,” and were established by SFMTA in coordination with the Port, city departments and regional transit providers, with oversight by community stakeholders. 

The SoMa-Mission Bay-Central Waterfront Transportation Needs & Solutions Analysis (formerly "Phase 2) is underway again, following a period to re-evaluate and re-scope the technical analysis needs of the Assessment that took place after the Warriors relocated their propsed arena development to a site in Mission Bay.  

The Assessment:

  • Works with community and agency stakeholders to set goals and identify and vet potential new transportation strategies.
  • Inventories transportation projects already planned for implementation near the Waterfront (e.g. the Central Subway connecting the T-Third to Chinatown through a subway under 4th and Stockton streets).
  • Conducts technical analysis to understand existing and future transportation needs and developes potential new transportation strategies to respond to these needs.
  • Advances effective transportation strategies for their advancement through partnership between the city and potential private sector partners.

The Assessment is led by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Urban Planning Initiatives in partnership with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the San Francisco Planning Department, Environmental Planning, the Port of San Francisco, and many other public agencies including BART, Caltrain, the Water Emergency Transportation Agency and Caltrans.


  • Developed smart partnerships with community stakeholders, local and regional transportation providers and project sponsors
  • Used lessons from America’s Cup
  • Anticipated key transportation improvements
  • Developed preliminary Transportation Strategies in advance of major Project EIRs 

Some of the WAterfront Transportation Assessments Contributions to date include:

RELEVANT LOCAL & regional trasnportation planning:


The Assessment included extensive outreach to stakeholders throughout the city in the form of transportation meetings, workshops, presentations and an Open House.

Between 2011 and 2012, the SFMTA collected feedback from the community on transportation to create the “People Plan” for the America’s Cup event. The feedback from America's Cup translated into the initial outreach for the Waterfront Transportation Assessment kick-off meeting on October 30, 2012.  Since that meeting, the Waterfront Transportation Assesssment led and/or attended dozens of meetings with community stakeholders, development project stakeholders, advisory committees, advocacy groups, neighborhood and businsess associations, and homeowners associations.  

Please visit the Documents & Reports link to view more information.

​Major Projects (partial list)

  1. Golden State Warriors’ Arena - Mission Bay
  2. SWL 330 & Pier 48 - Mission Rock (SF Giants’ development)
  3. Pier 70

Select Preliminary Local Transportation Strategies

  1. Embarcadero Enhancement Project
  2. SoMa Intersection Gridlock Enforcement Pilot (Don't Block the Box)
  3. Regional Transit Capacity Improvements (BART, ferries, etc.)    
  4. 55-Mission Bay (22-Fillmore service bridge)
  5. Muni service extension into future Pier 70 development


Phase 1: Transportation Goals and Strategies - Summer 2013

1.1 Inventory and Evaluate the “Pipeline”

1.2 Incorporate Community/Agency Input

1.3 Learn from America’s Cup

1.4 Develop Goals & Strategies

Phase 2: Transportation Needs & Solutions Analysis - Spring 2015

2.1: Needs Assessment

2.2:  Strategy Screening 

2.3: Recommend Transportation Improvements

Our Partners

Our primary coordination and communications include a host of partnerships with community stakeholders, local and regional transportation providers and project sponsors. This list includes the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, The Port of San Francisco, The Planning Department, BART, Caltrain, WETA, MTC and various other community and project development partners.

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PDF Waterfront Transportation Assessment Fact Sheet695.58 KB
PDF November 2014 Transportation Strategy Matrix183.47 KB
PDF Community Concerns - Living Document - December 2013144.99 KB
PDF Overview of How Different Pieces of Waterfront Planning Fit Together1.33 MB
PDF 03/25/14 Port Commission WTA Update and Pilots Overview3.34 MB
PDF 03/20/12 Maritime Commerce Advisory Committee1.09 MB
PDF 03/19/14 Piers 30-32 Transportation Subcommittee Meeting Presentation2.5 MB
PDF 02/19/14 Waterfront Transportation Pilots Presentation1.62 MB
PDF Draft Transportation Strategies - Living Document - November 2013169.92 KB
PDF "Screen" Goals & Objectives - Living Document - Dec 2012169.89 KB
PDF Draft Report - July 2013 - Waterfront Transportation Assessment3.05 MB
PDF 10/30/12 Community Meeting Presentation Boards3.69 MB
PDF 10/30/12 Community Input Inventory through Oct. 29, 2012185.56 KB
PDF 10/30/12 Community Meeting Top 6 Concerns by Table958.54 KB
PDF 10/30/12 General Feedback Summary424.78 KB
PDF 11/13/12 Port Commission presentation3.6 MB
PDF 12/04/12 Community Meeting Agenda40.42 KB
PDF 12/04/12 Community Meeting Presentation - Preliminary Transportation Strategies2.25 MB
PDF 12/04/12 Community Meeting Notes & Sign in Sheet575.74 KB
PDF 01/24/13 Community Feedback Summary provided to Environmental Planning on behalf of the SF Port's Piers 30-33 CAC444.35 KB
PDF 03/05/13 SFMTA Board of Directors presentation7.09 MB
PDF 03/26/13 SPUR Lunchtime Forum presentation6.47 MB
PDF 04/29/13 Fisherman's Wharf CBD - Americal's Cup and Waterfront Transportation Assessment presentation5.62 MB
PDF 06/13/13 SFMTA Taxi Division Workshop notes & meeting summary689.49 KB
PDF 07/12/13 Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant Association presentation1.57 MB
PDF 07/24/13 Piers 30-32 CAC Transportation Subcommittee presentation5.24 MB
PDF 07/24/12 Piers 30-32 CAC Transportation Subcommittee - Transportation Strategies Matrix Summary Board720.11 KB
PDF 08/21/13 Piers 30-32 CAC Transportation Subcommittee Agenda116.24 KB
PDF 08/21/13 Piers 30-32 Transportation Subcommittee - Preliminary Site-specific relevant Transportation Strategies270.94 KB
PDF 09/05/13 SFMTA Board of Directors CAC presentation3 MB
PDF 10/03/13 Selection from Annotated Transportation Strategies Matrix for revew at the Transportat321.34 KB
PDF 01/24/13 Community Feedback Memo to Environmental Planning443.44 KB
PDF 07/01/13 First Draft Strategies Matrix130.11 KB
PDF 11/21/13 Community Open House Presentation5.53 MB
PDF 11/21/13 Community Open House Agenda100.1 KB
PDF 11/21/13 Community Open House Sign-in240.49 KB
PDF Draft Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategies - Living Document - July 201371.14 KB
PDF Related document -- SFMTA Dogpatch Parking Data Report 20131.76 MB
PDF Related document -- SFMTA Showplace Square and Potrero Hill Parking Data Report 20132.27 MB
PDF 10/30/12 Community Mtg #1 - Presentation Boards3.69 MB
PDF 10/30/12 Community Mtg #1 - Breakout Table Top Concerns958.54 KB
PDF 10/30/12 Community Mtg #1 - Meeting Notes140.3 KB
PDF 12/04/12 Community Mtg #2 - Meeting Annoucement141.98 KB
PDF 12/04/12 Community Mtg #2 - Presentation Boards1.99 MB
PDF 12/04/12 Community Mtg #2 - Sign-in Sheets272.24 KB
PDF 12/04/12 Community Mtg #2 - Meeting Notes320.99 KB
PDF 03/05/2013 SFMTA Board (MTAB) Meeting Presentation5.26 MB
PDF Approach to Waterfront Transportation Planning, Analysis & Solutions1.09 MB
PDF 02/16/14 Muni Pilot Programs Floated to Improve Transit Along the Waterfront, SF Chronicle655.38 KB
PDF OEWD FAQ: Warriors Move to Mission Bay390.19 KB


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