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19 Polk on 7th and 8th Streets Temporary Emergency Transit Lanes

Want to hear about next steps for the Emergency Transit Lanes on 7th and 8th Streets in SoMa? Check out the on-demand presentation to hear about the evaluation of the temporary emergency lanes and next steps to pursue making them permanent.

Project Introduction

Throughout the course of the pandemic, the SFMTA focused on maintaining a core service network serving essential workers and those who depend on Muni for essential trips. To avoid overcrowding and ensure frequency of service, we began implementing Temporary Emergency Transit Lanes on key routes at locations where traffic bottlenecks occur. Portions of the 19 Polk route were chosen for the implementation of these temporary treatments, based on observed travel time improvements and ridership levels.  

The 19 Polk, a key north-south connector in San Francisco, showed up to 35% travel time savings during the shelter-in-place, when there was significantly less car traffic, particularly on 7th and 8th streets. 

After presenting an initial plan to the SFMTA Board for approval in June 2020, a virtual community meeting was held in August 2020 to gather feedback about the 19 Polk proposal. Subsequently, based on public input, monitoring of transit speeds and traffic conditions and the experience we had with temporary lanes installed in other parts of the City, our team prioritized implementation of key segments of the project. These improvements were implemented on 8th Street in October 2020 and due to existing construction, transit lanes were implemented on portions of 7th Street beginning in summer 2020.

Converted the lane closest to the curb to a temporary transit lane and right turn only lane:  

Map showing where a transit lane was installed on 7th Street between Townsend and Howard
7th Street: Townsend to Howard


Map showing where a transit lane and right turn only lane have been installed on 8th Street from Market to Bryant

8th Street: Market to Bryant


Next Steps

Temporary emergency transit lanes will continue to be installed on the remaining portions of 7th Street in Fall 2021. Sign up for project updates

Project Timeline 
June 2020
Initial Outreach + Emergency SFMTA Board Legislation
Fall 2020/ Spring 2021
Implementation + Begin Evaluation
Fall 2021
Implement Changes As-needed post-Evaluation
Bus Routes and Rail Lines
7th Street, 8th Street

Thank you to everyone who attended the Community Meeting on August 25, 2020 or provided comments on the 19 Polk temporary emergency transit lanes.

Did you miss the meeting? Watch a video of the presentation.

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