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24 Divisadero Safety and Transit Project
Project Introduction

The 24 Divisadero provides critical north-south transit service for essential workers, seniors, people with disabilities and others without access to private vehicles for essential trips. It also serves neighborhoods with high percentages of people of color and low-income households.

To assist customers who depend on the 24 Divisadero and improve safety, we proposed adding left turn restrictions at most intersections on Divisadero Street from O’Farrell to Waller streets in both directions to reduce transit delays and injury collisions. An online open house and public hearing was held from May 17-28, 2021. After reviewing all feedback, the proposals were sent to the San Francisco City Traffic Engineer and approved for implementation.

In early 2022, installation of left turn restrictions at the approved intersections on Divisadero Street was completed.

This project is part of the SFMTA’s Transit Priority Quick-Build Program, which focuses on reducing delay to transit riders using proven, fast-to-implement solutions.

Map of Divisadero with proposed left turn restrictions at O'Farrell, Ellis, Eddy, Turk Golden Gate, McAllister, Fulton, Grove, Hayes, Fell, Oak, Page, Haight, and Waller streets
Left turn restrictions were implemented on Divisadero Street at select intersections; several intersections also already had peak-only left turn restrictions in place



Left turns on Divisadero caused delays when turning vehicles obstructed the travel lane while waiting to turn. By restricting this turn movement, the 24 Divisadero can travel through this congested corridor with fewer delays, improving reliability for the entire line.

In addition, the entire project area is part of the San Francisco Vision Zero High-Injury Network, where just 13% of streets account for 75% of severe and fatal collisions citywide. Left turns are one of the top three crash factors in severe and fatal collisions for people walking and biking. Left turn restrictions can reduce the risk of sideswipe collisions caused by vehicles changing lanes to avoid left turn queues.

Outreach and Evaluation  

Community-based organizations and neighbors helped shape the process for evaluating the impact of this project by providing input on evaluation methods during the public hearing. Moving forward, on-the-ground data monitoring will allow us to evaluate the project and adjust it as needed to best meet the needs of both the community and Muni customers.

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