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5th Street Improvement Project
Project Introduction

The 5th Street Improvement Project will improve safety along the corridor for those who walk, bike, and drive in the neighborhood. This project will investigate potential bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and loading/parking improvements along 5th Street between Townsend and Market streets in the South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood. 

Upgraded Bicycle Facilities
Transit Stop Improvements
Pedestrian Safety Treatments
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Improved Parking and Loading Zones

Project Information

The 5th Street Improvement Project improves safety along the corridor for those who walk, bike, and drive in the neighborhood.

5th Street is on the city’s High-Injury Network, which are the 13 percent of city streets that account for 75 percent of San Francisco’s severe and fatal traffic injuries. This project supports San Francisco’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating all traffic deaths by 2024 by improving safety along the 5th Street corridor, especially at streets that intersect with others on the High-Injury Network, such as Folsom, Howard, Harrison, and Townsend streets.

The 5th Street Project is separated into two phases of work- the 5th Street Quick Build Project and the long-term 5th Street Improvement Project.

The project elements per phase include:

5th Street Quick Build Project (near-term):

  • Protected bicycle facilities to improve the safety and comfort of cyclists for the entire length of the corridor (completed in early 2020)
  • Leading Pedestrian Intervals- head start for pedestrians when crossing the street (completed in early 2020)
  • Pedestrian safety striping treatments, especially at high injury intersections, to improve the safety and visibility of pedestrians crossing streets (completed in early 2020)
  • Signal timing improvements including separated bike signals at key intersections (completed in early 2020)
  • Transit boarding islands to increase reliability of transit services and comfort for waiting passengers (will be installed in early 2021)
  • Raised crosswalk at Minna Street (will be installed in early 2021)
  • Sidewalk widening and landscape improvements at development sites such as 5M and the Flower Mart

5th Street Improvement Project (long-term):

  • Bulb-outs and signal upgrades at 5th and Mission, Bryant and Harrison Streets
  • Raised crosswalks at alleyways
  • Concrete buffers at protected bikeways
  • Sidewalk widening, intersection upgrades, and landscape improvements at development sites such as 5M and the Flower Mart

Project Goals

  • Balance safety and reliability improvements for all forms of transportation on 5th Street.
  • Address the future transportation demands of additional residential and commercial development in the SoMa neighborhood.
  • Make 5th Street a more livable and inviting place for all users.

Project Timeline

Fall 2017

  • Develop and evaluate conceptual design alternatives
  • Stakeholder Interviews

Winter 2018 – Spring 2019

  • Open House #1 in January 2018
  • Refine conceptual design alternatives
  • Stakeholder Workshop in November 2018
  • Develop final conceptual design
  • Open House #2 in April 2019
  • Community office hours in April 2019

Spring 2019 – Summer 2019

  • Environmental clearance
  • Legislation/approvals

Fall 2019- Winter 2021

  • Construction (quick-build improvements)

Summer/Fall 2022

  • Construction (long-term improvements)
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Contact Information
Thalia Leng