Brannan Street Safety Project

Project Timeline
Summer 2017
Outreach and Design
Fall 2018
Environmental Review
Early 2019
Project Approvals
Fall 2019
Project Status
  1. Legislated
  2. Implementation / Construction
  3. Completed
Pedestrian Improvements
Bike Improvements
Transit Improvements
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Improved travel flow at intersections
Brannan Street

The Brannan Street Safety project is an effort to improve safety and comfort for all people traveling on Brannan Street between Division Street and The Embarcadero in the South of Market (SoMa) neighborhood. The project implemented a number of safety improvements, such as installing bike lanes, improving intersections, reconfiguring the traffic lanes, and upgrading traffic signal timing.

This project is part of a comprehensive upgrade to the Brannan Street corridor. San Francisco Public Works began utility improvements in March 2018 and are installing a new sewer line, fiber optic cable, curb ramps, and repaving the roadway. The utility and repaving work concluded in August 2019. The installation of the approved safety and traffic improvements was completed in early Winter 2020. For more information about San Francisco Public Works’ Brannan Street Pavement Renovation and Sewer Replacement Project, please visit San Francisco Public Works’ Brannan Street Pavement Renovation and Sewer Replacement Project webpage


Between July 2011 and June 2016, there were 143 injury collisions, where one was fatal. Brannan Street is on the City’s High Injury Network, which are the 13 percent of city streets that account for 75 percent of San Francisco’s severe and fatal traffic injuries. The Brannan Street Safety project supports San Francisco’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating all traffic deaths by 2024.


Brannan Street was generally a four-lane undivided roadway, providing a major access point to the I-280 freeway at 6th Street. Converting the street to a three-lane roadway with left-turn pockets improves traffic flow, while adding bicycle lanes provide safety enhancements and bicycle connectivity. The approved project design elements, include:

  • Bike lanes in both directions to provide dedicated space for people riding bikes
  • Traffic lane reduction to redistribute roadway space to all road users
  • Center two-way left turn lane to allow flexibility for vehicles to turn left at alleys or driveways without blocking a travel lane
  • Better designed intersections to provide left turning vehicles with a separated turning lane and pedestrian safety improvements through more visibility at intersections
  • Traffic signal timing changes that will enhance safety and improve the efficiency of traffic flow


From October 2017 to August 2018, the Brannan Street Safety Project team engaged various neighborhood groups including: South Beach | Rincon | Mission Bay Neighborhood Association, South Beach & Mission Bay Business Association, East Cut Central Business District, Eastern Neighborhoods Citizen Advisory Committee, and the Central Waterfront Advisory Group. During this time, the project team also mailed 6,300 postcards to properties near Brannan Street and walked door-to-door meeting with fronting properties to gather feedback on transportation safety concerns and changes to parking and loading.


This project is funded by local Proposition B San Francisco General Fund. 

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