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Excelsior - Mission Terrace/Cayuga Parking Management (District 11)

Project Introduction

The SFMTA’s Parking and Curb Management team is working with District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safaí and many neighborhood organizations to help address residents’ concerns about the limited availability of on-street parking and the increasing occurrence of illegal parking across sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, in front yards and in front of fire hydrants.  To address these concerns, the Curb Management team has collected data on current conditions and mapped that data to show where parking is most difficult to find. 

Over the past several years, there have been several efforts to resolve parking issues. 

  • In 2010, over 200 residents of the Excelsior gathered together to discuss parking issues and possible solutions. 
  • In 2012, residents of Excelsior conducted field research on neighborhood streets to measure the amount of curbside parking.
  • In mid-2017, at the request of Supervisor Safai, SFMTA staff conducted a study to determine the feasibility of converting parking on some neighborhood streets from parallel to perpendicular. It was found that Mission Terrace Streets are 30 and 35 feet wide and too narrow for angled or perpendicular parking. In the Excelsior, some streets are 40 feet wide. Upon further review of these streets by SFMTA staff and by the San Francisco Fire Department, it was found that there is insufficient roadway to accommodate angled or perpendicular parking on these streets. [see Related Documents and Reports]
  • At the request of Supervisor Safai, SFMTA staff conducted research on vehicle ownership and the feasibility of extending Residential Permit Parking in District 11.  Based on data from the U.S. Census, 18% of households have three or more vehicles compared to 7% citywide.  [See Related Documents and Reports]
  • On November 8, 2018, Supervisor Safai hosted a Parking Townhall for all residents of District 11.  At the Townhall, SFMTA staff presented findings from their research as well as three alternative approaches to implementing RPP in the Excelsior and Mission Terrace neighborhoods.  Residents were asked to “vote” for their preferred approach to RPP. About half voted for no RPP and the other half voted to have RPP throughout the Excelsior and Mission Terrace neighborhoods. [See Related Documents and Reports].
  • Based on the outcome of the November 8th Parking Townhall, SFMTA staff developed a survey to be distributed to all households in the Excelsior and Mission Terrace/Cayuga neighborhoods. 


The D11 Parking Survey was mailed to 8,962 households in the Excelsior and Mission Terrace /Cayuga Parking neighborhoods during the month of March 2019. The purpose of the survey was to gather information about the nature and cause of neighborhood parking issues and to provide an opportunity for residents to voice their opinion about Residential Permit Parking.  The survey was available in four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino.  In all, 1,879 households completed the surveys for a response rate of 21%.  Of these, 150 or 8% were completed in a language other than English. 

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