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Muni Elevators Modernization

Project Introduction

To ensure that Muni system is in a state of good repair, the SFMTA will rehabilitate and modernize 11 elevators in the entire subway system for the next four years. Once complete, the new elevators equipped with the state of art technology will greatly improve safety and reliability of Muni system, especially for seniors, people in wheelchairs and those who have special need.

Project Status
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Project Details, History or Features

Current elevator work:

Church inbound elevator rehabilitation work is complete and has returned to service as of Friday, April 26, 2019. Please check back for more information details on the next elevator unit to undergo rehabilitation. 

Features of the new elevators:

  • New closed loop door operators will provide a new type of motorized mechanism that opens and closes the doors to make it safer and more reliable.

  • Custom door and cab sills provide metal tracks that guide the doors to open and close, with debris traps to reduce door issues caused by foreign objects.

  • Elevator/Escalator Management System will use computers to allow 24/7 monitoring and remote troubleshooting of the equipment.


Contact Information
Jerri Diep