FINAL UPDATE: Delay on the EB Bay Bridge has cleared. IB/OB 25 resuming service. (More: 48 in last 48 hours)

Muni Forward: Enhancing Safety and Access

Project Introduction

Increasing Pedestrian Safety

We’re working to ensure pedestrian safety enhancements are implemented to reduce serious pedestrian injuries and fatalities. 

  • Vision Zero: San Francisco has committed to Vision Zero, a goal to achieve zero traffic-related pedestrian deaths by 2024. We’re working closely with the city and WalkFirst to implement pedestrian safety features in most of our plans for transit infrastructure. 
  • Rapid Network: Our transit reliability enhancements along the Rapid Network will increase pedestrian safety on 25% of San Francisco’s high-injury network, in coordination with the City’s Vision Zero policy. 

New and Improved Fleet

We're rehabilitating our fleet of buses and trains to provide a cleaner, quieter, more comfortable ride, with less vehicle downtime for repairs. This includes:

Improving Accessibility

We’re making sure everyone who wants to ride can safely get on and off our buses and trains, including:

Enhancing Visibility

We're adding better signs and updating our system map to make finding and navigating the Muni network easier:

Bus Routes and Rail Lines
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Muni Forward