FINAL UPDATE: IB 56 cleared at Raymond & Delta. Regular service resuming. Expect residual delays. (More: 14 in last 48 hours)

Sunset Tunnel Trackway Improvement Project
Project Introduction

The project aims to improve the safety and reliability of the N Judah Line by replacing track and other infrastructure inside the Sunset Tunnel. Other improvements include Transit Signal Priority upgrades at nine intersections along the N Judah Line and construction of accessible platforms at Judah and 28th Avenue.

Project Timeline 
Phase 1 Construction
Fall 2017
Phase 2 Construction
October 2017
Expected Completion
Current Phase or Stage
Predicted Completion
October 2017
Project Status
Bus Routes and Rail Lines
Project Details, History or Features

The Sunset Tunnel Trackway Improvement Project will replace tracks and repair other infrastructure inside the Sunset Tunnel, which is located between Cole Valley and Duboce Triangle. The project will bring the following improvements to the tunnel and the N Judah Metro Line:

  • Rail replacement: New track for a smoother, faster ride on Muni
  • Overhead Contact System (OCS) replacement: An improved overhead wire system to enhance safety and reliability of the N Judah Line
  • Fire safety system upgrades: Refurbishing fire water valves
  • Seismic upgrades: Structural retroffit of the Sunset Tunnel portal retaining walls and their foundations
  • Transit Signal Priority upgrades: Addition of transit signal priority for rail cars at nine intersections
  • Accessible platforms: Construction of two accessible platforms at 28th Avenue to provide safe boardings for all customers

The construction was coordinated with the Transit Signal Priority upgrades that prioritize rail cars at nine intersections: 19th/Judah, Sunset/Judah, Carl/Stanyan, 9th/Irving, 9th/Judah, 6th/Irving, 7th/Irving, 4th/Irving, and 18th/Judah. Construction of two accessible platforms at 28th Avenue also took place.

What to Expect:

The construction will take place on weekends, during which time bus shuttles will substitute for the N Judah rail service.

The SFMTA will issue advance notice to the public before each weekend shutdown.

Construction is scheduled to avoid disruption of weekday commuter service to 48,000 daily passengers. We are also working with the contractor to avoid community street fairs, big sports events and other street festivals. While the SFMTA Capital Investment Program is designed to keep all elements of the transportation network in a state of good repair and safe operation, we are aware that there will be inconvenience to you and your neighbors during construction.

To minimize the inconveniences, the SFMTA will:

  • Use multiple construction crews to advance work as quickly as possible
  • Provide Traffic Control Officers to maintain traffic flow and ensure that local access is available at all times
  • Provide SFMTA Ambassadors to advise customers about substitute bus service and trip planning
  • Provide informational signage that directs customers to transfer points between rail and bus service and advises customers that businesses are open and accessible during construction
Contact Information
Tess Kavanagh, Project Manager
Jay Lu, Public Relations Officer