MuniSafe: Enhancing Security for Customers and Staff

Project Introduction

Safety is the SFMTA’s top priority. From our customers to our staff, everyone deserves to feel safe and be free from violence on Muni vehicles, at Muni stops and in Muni stations. Harassment and assault in our Muni system are unacceptable. MuniSafe aims to make Muni safer for riders, bystanders and staff by reducing and preventing assaults and harassment.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Increase reporting, investigation and prevention of harassment and assaults on Muni and at Muni stops and stations
  • Enhance security policies, systems and staffing on Muni
  • Strengthen coordination with the San Francisco Police Department
  • Collaborate with community partners to develop community-based solutions
  • Develop self-enforcing safety solutions for Muni
  • Increase safety equity by exploring and addressing how harassment shows up for different communities on Muni through the Safety Equity Initiative
  • Expand data collection and analysis of harassment and assaults on Muni to continually improve our understanding of safety and security trends and impacts


Actions the SFMTA is Taking


We updated our Code of Conduct and introduced options to report harassment on the SFMTA Muni Feedback form, by calling 311 or by using the 311 mobile app. We are spreading the word about these reporting options in our blog and social media, with PSAs on vehicles and posters in Muni Metro stations and at bus stops. While this is not an alternative to 911, we do encourage people to report harassment on Muni directly to the SFMTA so that we can independently investigate and coordinate next steps with the San Francisco Police Department as needed.

With multiple cameras onboard all Muni buses and light rail vehicles, our staff are able to pull video quickly to investigate incidents. We are making ongoing improvements to our investigations process to expand our ability to investigate older incidents.

Please call 911 for emergency response. To report a crime to SFPD that is not an emergency, call 415.553.0123. In addition to making a police report, an incident report made directly to the SFMTA helps the SFMTA take steps to prevent such incidents in the future. Only the San Francisco Police Department and San Francisco Fire Department can provide emergency response and medical care or law enforcement.

Research and Analysis

In addition to data we are able to draw from incident reports, we partnered with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Institute of Transportation Studies to develop rider surveys, conduct analysis of the results and provide tailored recommendations rooted in best practices and proven solutions.

We are also putting safety and security at the forefront of our regular yearly rider and staff surveys to gain even more insight on the sentiments and experiences of those who use Muni.


We’re increasing awareness by issuing more public service announcements (PSAs) about safety on Muni. These PSAs remind people how to stay safe, how to report incidents, who to ask for help, how to be a good witness and other important safety tips. We’re also helping people understand what happens when we receive incident reports and how they help make Muni safer.


We are building our Safety, Security and Investigation Division and the Office of Racial Equity and Belonging, adding staff to support MuniSafe, the Safety Equity Initiative and other efforts that will inform Muni safety and security improvements for customers and staff.

Community Outreach

We are reaching out to community groups and organizations throughout San Francisco to build partnership to help spread awareness and collaboratively develop better safety solutions informed by the experiences, needs and priorities of community members.

Tips and Resources

Muni Feedback Form

Support Resources

Safety, Security and Good Conduct

Commitment to the Community

Thousands of SFMTA staff work hard each day and night to keep riders and staff safe. We have many security measures in place that help us respond to and investigate incidents. Security challenges and needs are always evolving, and we are committed to continuously improving our responses, strengthening prevention and working with all members of the community – riders, staff, bystanders and law enforcement.

We aim to lead with Muni values:

  • Model respect: Value community members’ time and lived experiences that they choose to share with us, especially those not often heard in traditional decision-making venues
  • Uphold accountability: Establish measures of success and tell the public how we’re doing.
  • Normalize transparency: Listen to the community, document and share what we learn and how this informs our decision-making.
  • Instill trust: Deliver actions that reflect community priorities.

Share Your Feedback

How can we improve security in the Muni system?

How can we keep you better informed about steps we are taking to improve security and keep you safe?

To share feedback, ideas or question, email Please allow time for us to respond as our staff are busy investigating reports. If you are reporting an incident, call 311 or fill out the Muni Feedback form (

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