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Safety, Security and Good Conduct

Muni provides service to thousands of people every day. It is important to stay safe and treat your fellow riders with kindness and respect.

Passenger Conduct Requirements.

Riding Muni

  • The law requires you to Make seats available to seniors, persons with disabilities, and other passengers when needed.
  • Graffiti or other vandalism on Muni will immediately be reported to the police.
  • Do not smoke, eat, drink, litter, or disturb other Muni passengers.
  • At any time, you may be asked to show a valid Muni pass, transfer, or fare receipt.
  • Stand behind the yellow line.
  • Avoid unnecessary conversation with the operator.
  • Report any unattended items to the vehicle operator or to Muni Passenger Service.
  • Your picture and voice may be recorded while you are riding a Muni vehicle.
  • Children are not allowed to stand on the seats.

Animals on Muni

Carry-On Items

  • Muni operators may refuse to allow articles on board that could create a nuisance or cause harm.
  • Other large objects may be allowed on at the discretion of the operator.
  • Aisles and doorways must be kept clear at all times.

Prohibited behavior

The following are not allowed on Muni vehicles or at Muni Metro stations:

  • Smoking
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Playing sound equipment without earphones
  • Littering

The following are not permitted at transit stops or shelters:

  • Smoking
  • Littering
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages

Relevant laws

San Francisco codes:

California codes:

Personal Safety and Security

Don't let your daily routine lull you into giving pickpockets a better chance to do their dirty work. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from pickpockets:

  • Stay awake. A pickpocket's easiest victim is a sleeping customer. If you feel drowsy, it's best to get up and stand.
  • Stay alert. Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.
  • Beware of loud arguments or commotion. Incidents can be staged to distract while a pocket is being picked.
  • Backpacks are prime targets for pickpockets. Never wear your backpack on your back. Either carry it in your hands or by your side.
  • Carry wallets inside coat or front pants pocket - never in a backpack.
  • Close all handbags and carry them securely in front of you.
  • Avoid displaying large amounts of money in public.
  • If you are the victim of a pickpocket, get help immediately.
Reporting Crime on Muni

Did you see an incident you wish to report? Notify the vehicle operator if it is safe to do so. Otherwise, call the San Franciso 311 Customer Service Center at "311". Please get as much information as possible, including the number or letter of the Muni line, the four-digit number on the vehicle (cable car numbers have one or two digits), the location, the direction of travel, and the time of day.

Transit Watch

You can keep Muni safe.

Banner for US DHS program "If you see something, say something"

Late night stops

After 6:30 pm, you may request to be let off between most scheduled bus stops.

  • Tell your driver the street at which you would like to exit.
  • Remind the driver when you pull the request cord
  • This service is only available on buses
  • This "late night stop" service is not available at the following places:
    • Market Street
    • Ocean Avenue
    • Judah Street
    • West Portal Avenue
    • Lincoln Way on the Golden Gate Park side

General Safety in the Muni Metro

On the station platform:

  • Please stay behind the yellow edge detection tiles. Do not approach the train until it comes to a complete stop in the station and doors are open.
  • Please do not hold onto train doors.
  • Be aware of the train’s side mirrors as it enters the station and maintain a safe distance.
  • Allow customers to exit before entering.
  • Never sit on the platform edge or touch the outside of the trains.
  • Do not enter the trackway under any circumstances. If you drop something onto the trackway, do not attempt to retrieve it. Contact a Station Agent for help.
  • If you see a person or an object in the trackway area, alert a Station Agent at once. Do not attempt to rescue the person or retrieve the item.
  • Stand in the center of the platform in well-lighted areas.
  • If you need help, use a white courtesy telephone to contact a Station Agent. Telephones are located on the wall in the center section of the platform. For police assistance, please call 911 if using a pay phone or call 415.553.8090 if using a cellular phone.
  • Muni train doors close automatically; listen for the warning chime. Please keep yourself and your possessions well clear of the doors upon entering and exiting the train.
  • Station platform edges have special rubber tiles and a noticeable change of texture to alert vision-impaired passengers that they are approaching the edge.

In the station:

  • Please watch your step on stairs and escalators and hold onto handrails.
  • ALWAYS supervise children and hold the hands of small children when riding the escalator. Do not allow them to sit or play on stairs or escalators.
  • NEVER stop, stand or play on an escalator landing. Please exit promptly and do not block the escalator landing.
  • Please use elevators instead of escalators if you have limited physical abilities or are carrying large packages or luggage, or are carrying a small child in your arms or in a stroller
  • Please keep hands clear of closing train doors.
  • Be careful to avoid wet areas or debris and report unmarked hazards to the Station Agent.
  • Avoid using your cell phone, texting or other multitasking while walking.
  • Do not run in stations or on trains or platforms. Running significantly increases the risk of injuries to you and other passengers.
  • Roller skating, roller blading, bicycle riding and skateboarding are not allowed in Muni Metro Stations or on trains.
  • For security reasons, make sure you know where your personal possessions are at all times.
  • Gasoline, flammable or volatile solvents, acids, etc. are not allowed in stations or on trains.
  • Fire extinguishers are located on station platforms.

On the train

  • Do not lean against the doors when inside the train. Hold on at all times when riding the train as sudden stops may occur.
  • When entering and exiting the train in a Muni Metro Station, be sure to watch your step. There is a gap of approximately three inches between the train and the platform. Be careful when exiting with children. When exiting the train outside of a Muni Metro Station, make sure steps are lowered before attempting to exit; notify the Operator immediately if this has not happened.
  • Emergency intercoms are located at both sides of the center sections of each car. Press and release the red button and wait for the Operator to respond; push the button when speaking. Use intercoms to report incidents or unsafe conditions. The Operator can contact Muni Central Control if necessary.
  • Fire extinguishers are located in the cab compartments at either end of the train.
  • Take time to review the Emergency Procedure signs posted in each train car.
  • Please keep all personal items out of the way of fellow passengers and do not allow them to block walkways and doorways. Keep your personal items in sight at all times.

On the street

  • Make sure steps are lowered on trains before exiting the vehicle; inform the Operator immediately if this has not happened.
  • Look before you exit; automobiles do not always stop for exiting passengers.
  • Do not attempt to climb over couplers located between train cars. Never ride on a coupler.
  • Do not cross between trains. You cannot always hear an oncoming train. Only cross in designated crosswalks once the train has cleared.