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Sloat Skyline Intersection Alternatives Analysis

Project Introduction

The Sloat Skyline Intersection Alternatives Analysis looks to improve the overall safety where Sloat Boulevard/HWY 35 intersects with Skyline Boulevard & 39th Avenue. Sloat serves as a major east-west connector from West Portal to Ocean Beach and is the unofficial southern border of the Outer Sunset. The primary goals of the project include:

  • Improving safety for all road users
  • Increasing visibility of pedestrians and reducing intersection conflict points
  • Improving or maintaining transit and vehicle circulation at the intersection
  • Considering ways to showcase landscaping improvements or storm water management.

This project will identify options to make the intersection a more inviting, safe and comfortable experience for all users.

This project is made possible by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority through a grant of Proposition K Local Transportation Sales Tax Funds.


Safety at the intersection of Sloat Blvd, Skyline Blvd and 39th Ave in the Outer Sunset is unsatisfactory. Between 2008-2012:

  • 6 people were injured in traffic collisions at the Sloat/Skyline intersection
  • 46 people were injured in traffic collisions within a quarter-mile of the intersection
  • 2 deaths were reported within a quarter-mile of the intersection since 2014


Existing intersection conditions include:

  • 2 pedestrian crossings
  • 4 Muni stops for the 18, 57 and 23 lines
  • Bike lanes to the west of the intersection and sharrows to the east
  • A four-way stop, accompanied by two slip roads and one right turn pocket
  • A speed limit of 35MPH, 5-10MPH greater than other high-use corridors throughout the city


In Summer and Fall of 2017, SFMTA and San Francisco Public Works partnered to hold five outreach events to gather community members' concerns and perceptions about existing conditions at the intersection of Sloat and Skyline. These outreach events included an event at Java Beach Cafe, a walking audit of the intersection with community members, pop-up events during the week and weekends, and a stakeholder discussion. The feedback and observations we received from those events informed the technical study evaluating the intersection. After our robust public outreach process, three main areas of concern were identified:

1) Pedestrian safety crossing the intersection
2) Bicycle safety moving through the intersection
3) Vehicle speeds approaching and moving through the intersection

Additional summary of comments heard include:

  • Crossing the intersection by foot is indirect
  • Drivers do not respect traffic laws - pedestrians actively seek to avoid using the intersection
  • Bicylists find the intersection confusing with no clear path of travel and poor lighting at night
  • Vehicles typically approach the intersection too quickly (well above the posted speed limit)
  • Posted speed limits seem higher than what should be allowed (particularly the northbound slip lane connecting Skiyline and Sloat Blvd eastbound)


Two alternatives have been developed and we would now like your feedback on them before moving forward and selecting the preferred alternative. Both alternatives respond to the project's orignal purpose goals and address the three major areas of concern we heard from the community during our outreach events. Each alternative has its own set of tradeoffs. Review the PDF below for a summary of our findings and to learn more about the two alternatives! 

Sloat Skyline Fact Sheet


Project Timeline 
Fall 2017
Preliminary outreach
Fall 2018
Develop alternatives
Fall 2019
Select preferred alternative
Design and construction
Project Status
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Improve safety and comfort of crossing the intersection on foot.
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Improve safety and comfort of crossing the intersection by bike.
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Improve traffic flow and intersection navigability.
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