On-Street Shared Vehicle Parking Permit Program

Project Introduction

The On-Street Shared Vehicle Permit Program administers permits for curbside parking spaces for dedicated shared vehicle use. The program was approved in July 2017 after it was tested as a pilot project starting in 2013.

Boosting vehicle sharing in San Francisco is one of the key goals of the SFMTA’s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. We know that vehicle ownership is important for a lot of folks, but we also know that more and more people would prefer to own “just enough” car, and vehicle sharing can help reduce household transportation costs as it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles travelled.

Research has repeatedly shown that every shared vehicle available to users results in private cars being taken off the road, with conservative estimates of from 7 to 15 vehicles taken off the streets for every shared vehicle. That means that more attractive and convenient vehicle sharing in neighborhoods could be a real help in relieving on-street parking pressures, in addition to providing the other benefits listed above. By providing on-street spaces for shared vehicles to supplement spaces in parking garages and lots, they’re made more convenient to use for more neighbors. Locations for these spaces are selected based on demand and public input.

On-street shared vehicle permits are issued only to qualified Vehicle Sharing Organizations (VSOs, as defined in the San Francisco Transportation Code) who provide dedicated fleets of organization-owned shared vehicles and commit to meet specific requirements to:


Permit Locations and Suggestions

Permit Program Background

The On-Street Shared Vehicle Permit Program was approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors on July 18, 2017, after it was tested as a pilot project starting in 2013.

The pilot tested the permitted use of about 210 on-street parking spaces at 140 locations across the city (many locations were double-space pods). The permanent program was built upon the lessons learned from the pilot, which can be found in the On-Street Car Sharing Pilot Program Evaluation Report (PDF).


Project Status
  1. Completed
Contact Information
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