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UCSF Mission Bay - Arena Platform Upgrade

In anticipation of the new Golden State Warriors’ Chase Center and the growth in jobs, housing, healthcare and retail in the Mission Bay, the SFMTA is constructing a new center platform along 3rd Street between South and 16th streets. This new, larger platform will service both the inbound and outbound trains and greatly expand transit capacity in preparation for large crowds. The two existing platforms, which are split as separate inbound and outbound, will be demolished as part of the project. The greater size of the new and improved platform will enable four, two-car trains to load simultaneously during larger events. When needed, the platform will also allow for trains to depart inbound from both sides of the platform to connect customers quickly to BART, CalTrain and eventually the Central Subway.

During parts of summer and fall 2018, work on the platform will require bus substitution on the KT: K Ingleside/T Third line from Embarcadero to the terminal at Bayshore Blvd & Arleta/Blanken. Buses will service all of the stops on the surface and signs will help direct customers to the boarding locations. Those traveling underground on Muni Metro towards Bayshore Blvd & Arleta/Blanken will transfer to a KT bus at Embarcadero.

Bus substitution on the KT: K Ingleside/T Third line is expected in two phases, with exact dates to be finalized soon:
  • November 2018 - Up to two separate weekends (to be determined), starting on Friday at 8:00 p.m. and ending on Monday by 3:00 a.m.
  • Early January through February 2019 - Up to 8 consecutive weeks, 24 hours a day

Construction elements included in the project:

  • Remove the two existing platforms at 3rd and South streets
  • Build a new center island platform
  • Widen the track to accommodate the new island platform
  • Install new overhead wires that power trains
  • Update utility lines and street lights to support the new center island platform
  • Upgrade the traffic signals at 3rd and South streets as well as 3rd Street and Campus lane  
    Project Timeline 
    Summer 2018
    Planning and design
    Early 2019
    Bus Substitution
    Spring 2019
    Substantial Completion
    Cost Estimate 
    $50 M
    Predicted Completion 
    Late Spring 2019
    Project Status 
    Project Success 
    On budget
    On schedule
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