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West Portal LK Transfer Project

Project Introduction

Muni rail service is scheduled to return August 22. The restoration of Muni Metro will look different, as changes are made to improve service, ease crowding and increase transit reliability above and below ground. 

To improve Muni Metro reliability, the SFMTA is adjusting which train routes enter the tunnels. This means L Taraval and K Ingleside trains will no longer enter the subway at West Portal, but will instead be combined into a new service called the LK. The new LK route will run from the SF Zoo to City College at Balboa Park Station and back, all at street level. This new rail configuration will significantly cut down delays and congestion in the tunnels, making your ride on Taraval or Ocean more reliable, and the rest of downtown commutes via subway more dependable and faster.    

This new system does mean that L Taraval and K Ingleside customers headed towards downtown will need to transfer. There will be frequent S Shuttles running from West Portal to Embarcadero or customers can use the new TM, a combination of the T Third and M Ocean View.  

In order to provide accessible transfers, the West Portal LK Transfer Project will make street changes near West Portal Station.

These changes are temporary and will automatically be removed within 120 days after the State of Emergency order is lifted, unless there is a public process to make them permanent.

Project Details, History or Features

Proposed Changes to Ulloa Street 

The following temporary changes will be implemented in August to support transfers between the LK and TM or S lines at West Portal Station. 

  • Accessible boarding ramps will be built on Ulloa Street between West Portal Avenue and Wawona Street for the new LK stop 

  • The inbound 48 Quintara  and L-Owl bus stop on Ulloa Street at West Portal Avenue will be relocated to the southside of Ulloa Street between West Portal Avenue and Wawona Street. To accommodate this change, two parking spaces, which are towaway zones during AM and PM peak hours, will be removed. In addition, a part-time passenger loading zone will be removed.  Note that in August, the 48 Quintara line will be restored only between 20th Street at 3rd Street and West Portal Station

  • The outbound L-Owl bus stop on Ulloa Street at Lenox will be shifted west towards Wawona Street.

  • The space vacated by the inbound 48 stop in the southeast corner of Ulloa Street will be replaced with a passenger loading zone. 

  • The West Portal Library’s white zone will be relocated to Lenox Way, where the green zone is currently, and the existing green zone shifted slightly north.   

  • Existing AM Peak no left turn restrictions on Lenox Way southbound at Ulloa Street will be extended to all times of day. 


diagram of proposed changes near West Portal Station


Temporary accessible boarding ramp

An example of a temporary accessible boarding ramp.


Implementation and Evaluation 

The urgent nature of this emergency calls for putting temporary measures into place. This approach allows the city to respond quickly to protect public health and support economic recovery while we work with the community to evaluate and adjust the new rail service changes. Areas of evaluation will include: 

  • Health and safety benefits 

  • Economic health 

  • Neighborhood impacts and equity 

  • Transit performance 

  • Traffic safety 

Community-based organizations, stakeholders and neighbors will be involved in shaping the process for evaluating and adjusting the changes for this and all other projects. Based on public feedback and ongoing, on-the-ground data monitoring of the temporary LK line, we can adjust our operations to meet the needs of the community and Muni customers. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected after implementation and will inform any changes needed and whether permanent approval of the West Portal transfer and the combined LK line should be pursued.  


Community Meeting/Public Hearing   

Join us at our Public Hearing meeting to learn more and provide public comments on the project.  

  • Join by phone or to provide public comment at 888.363.4734, Access code: 7014320 # 

To view shared materials and provide public comment, join the online session and when it's time for public comment, use your telephone for audio by using the phone instructions above. When prompted online, select "Don't join audio."

All comments will be reviewed by project staff and will be entered into the public record. Comments will be considered when a determination is made whether to implement the change. After the hearing, proposals can be approved by the City Traffic Engineer.

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We Want Your Feedback 

We look forward to getting feedback from the community on how these changes to Ulloa Street are working following the initial launch. Please visit our Rail Recovery webpage to share your input. 


Contact Information
Jerri Diep