West Portal Station Safety and Community Space Improvements

This project will be presented as an information-only item on Tuesday, June 4 at the SFMTA Board of Director's meeting. Read our project update to learn more. 

Project Introduction

Mayor London Breed and District 7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar have asked the SFMTA to improve traffic safety near West Portal Station in light of the tragic incident killing 4 pedestrians that occurred on March 16, 2024. 

West Portal Station is a key connection point in San Francisco’s transportation system. Three rail lines and two bus routes serving 50,000 daily riders intersect at West Portal Avenue and Ulloa Street, where the Twin Peaks Tunnel links the light rail lines to the Market Street Subway. It’s also home to a vibrant commercial corridor full of unique restaurants and shops. Many youth also travel in the area including students from nearby schools like Hoover Middle School and St. Brendan Parish School, who cross the intersection to board transit and visit neighborhood businesses. And families with children at West Portal Elementary, which is just a block away, regularly travel through this area. 

The high volumes of people passing through this area underscores the importance of making it safe to make transit connections and travel to and from West Portal residences, businesses and community amenities.  

Project goals

  • Improve intersection safety by clearly defining pedestrian, vehicle, and transit movements; and removing vehicle traffic from train tracks. 
  • Provide more dedicated, and protected pedestrian space for community objectives.

District 7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar on the Project:

“West Portal is one of the most travelled and cherished neighborhoods in San Francisco. Its station should exemplify the name: a portal to the westside. But our current station is in dire need of improvements to make it safer for people going to work, school, and frequenting our small businesses. My office is working closely with the SFMTA and the Mayor’s Office to be bold and swift with the necessary improvements at the West Portal Station Project."

Predicted Completion: Fall 2024 

Note: this project’s focus is on delivering a near-term safety project by the fall. After quick build implementation is complete, we will monitor results and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, we will review the project’s effectiveness and consider additional improvements using more permanent materials. 

Project Timeline
Spring 2024
Collect feedback from the community.
Summer 2024
Seek SFMTA Board approval.
Fall 2024
Quick-build implementation of initial improvements.
Project Status
  1. Planning
Contact Information
Brian Haagsman