HeadsUp: #NJudah train #1528 has step issue & is proceeding IB out of svc to 19th Ave. w/ an ADA passenger on board https://t.co/bJsjfDwLXK (More: 26 in last 24 hours)
Chase Center Event Day Express Service

78X 16th Street Arena Express

Service Frequencies

Before an event, buses will run every 10 to 15 minutes.
After an event, buses will depart once they are full.

Live Map


Inbound to 16th Mission BART
Outbound to Chase Center

This route only runs when there is an event at the Chase Center, connecting ticketholders with the 16th Mission BART station. The route starts about 2.5 hours before the start of the event or game and ends about an hour after.

Pre-Event Service

Outbound to Chase Center

From 16th St & Mission, continue east on 16th St, express to 3rd St.

Post-Event Service

Inbound to 16th Mission BART

From 16th St & Illinois, continue west on 16th St, express to Mission.