FINAL UPDATE: IB/OB 27 resuming regular service. Downed tree, which is on the sidewalk, did affect overhead electri (More: 29 in last 48 hours)

Tow Hearings

Vehicles parked on public city streets may be cited and towed for a wide variety of infractions that block traffic operations or may represent hazards to other drivers.  These infractions include the encroachment of residential driveways, parking in active construction zones or special event zones, parking during morning and afternoon Prohibited Parking zones that allow for the use of curb lanes for commuter traffic, and for parking in one location for over 72 hours. 

Contest a Tow

Contest a Tow Without a Hearing

Tow Hearing Procedures (PDF)

If your vehicle has been cited for a parking infraction of any kind and it has been towed by SFMTA Parking Enforcement, and you would like to protest the citation and tow, you may do so in person, by video conference, by phone, or by mail.  In-person citation hearings must be scheduled in advance.  If your vehicle is still impounded, you are entitled to an in-person hearing by request.  Contact the Hearing Section at or call us at 415.646.2020.