MuniMobile Frequently Asked Questions

The MuniMobile app currently does not support account creation and login for international customers (except in Northern America, Germany & India). Until this issue is resolved, feel free to download the app and use Trip Planner to plan your trips ahead of time. You may create a user account & purchase tickets here: Sign In - Muni Customer Portal ( Wait until you arrive in San Francisco to create a user account or purchase tickets on the app.

Use this page to help familiarize yourself with the features of MuniMobile®, the official ticketing app for riding on Muni.

  1. Your Account
  2. Buying Tickets
  3. Using Tickets
  4. Clipper, Monthly Passes and More
  5. Transferring Tickets

1. Your Account

Which phones and operating systems are supported?
MuniMobile is available on all iPhone and Android devices with recent operating systems. The app supports the last two versions of IOS or Android.

How do I reset my password?
At the 'Sign In' screen, tap on 'Forgot Password?'. Enter your email address associated with your account, and tap on 'Reset Password'. You will receive an email regarding the password reset. Please check your Junk/Spam folder if you don't receive an email in your inbox folder.

What is required to purchase a ticket?
You need to download the MuniMobile app, create an account, and add a valid payment method (a major credit card, most debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and/or Google Pay).

What if the app is unresponsive?
If the app is unresponsive, please close the app and reopen it.
Do not delete the application as it may interfere with tickets already purchased and user settings.

Can I use the same phone/phone number for multiple MuniMobile accounts?
No. A mobile number can only be associated with one account.

How do I change the name or e-mail address associated with my account?
Open the MuniMobile app. Then open the "More" menu. Select "Your profile" in the "Personal" settings. If you cannot see "Your Profile" under the "Personal" settings, you have to log in first. 
If you need assistance, call 311 (within San Francisco only) or 415.701.2311.

How do I change the language of the app?
The language of the app can be changed by changing the language setting of the smartphone.

What personalization options do I have?
You can manage your preferences by using the gear icon on the Trip Planner screen. The following personalization options are available:
Choice of different modes of transport;

  • Number and duration of transfers;
  • Accessibility options;
  • Maximum walking distances to/from the transit stop;
  • Walking speed;
  • Cycling speed;
  • If Bikes are allowed or not.

Do I have to create an account to save preferences?
No, you can store preferences in the downloaded application on the device.

How can I save new addresses for my favorite trip planning destinations?
You can save new addresses by selecting "Trip Planner" and select the "Favorite" tab. Click the "+" button. Click "Insert Image" to select a category icon. Click on "Enter" to add a name for this address. To use the presented address, click "Save". To use a different address, click the address line. Alternatively, you can select the "Settings" menu and click on "My Locations" under the "General" tab to add a new address as described above.

Why don't I see any travel itineraries for my trip?
This can have several reasons:

  • There is no suitable route for the preferences you made in the trip options. For example, the maximum walking distance to transit is too short.
  • For bicycling itineraries, there are no pathways to your destination that allow bicycles.

Does the app show predicted or scheduled transit arrival times?
When available, the app shows predicted transit arrival times. If travel directions are requested in the future and predicted transit arrival times are not available, the app will show scheduled transit arrival times.

How do I set up my account?
Tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left of the screen, then tap on 'More'. Scroll down to 'Personal', then tap on 'Sign In'. At the bottom of the 'Sign In' page, tap on 'Sign Up' to create your account.

I am an international user and we don't have zip code/postal code used in our country. What should I put in Zip code/postal code field for adding a payment method?
International users from countries without a zip code should input 00000 as the zip code when adding the payment method.

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2. Buying Tickets

When should I purchase my tickets?
You can purchase your tickets any time before boarding as long as you have a cellular network or wireless connection. With the exception of the Lifeline Pass, you can use your tickets up to 6 months after purchase. You may only use the Lifeline Pass for the indicated calendar month.

I purchased tickets but have not used them yet. How long will they last?
Unused tickets are valid up to 6 months after purchase. The Lifeline Pass must be used in the indicated calendar month.

Will I have to create an account to purchase a ticket?
You do not need an account to use the MuniMobile Trip Planner, but you will need to create one to buy or use tickets.

How do I add a payment method to my account?
There are multiple ways to add a payment method to your account:

  1. Open the menu and select ""More"". Select ""Payment methods"" in the Personal section. Next, click ""Add new payment method"" to add a payment method (i.e. Credit/Debit Card, PayPal). 
  2. Go to the checkout screen and add a payment method."

How to select Apple Pay on MuniMobile?
Once you go to the checkout for your Muni ticket on the app, click the “Change Payment Method” and you will see “Apple Pay” under the available payment methods. After clicking Apple Pay, the app will take you back to the checkout page to pay for the ticket. Apple Pay needs to be set up in a device for it to work. Step-by-step instructions on changing payment method to Apple Pay.

Do I need a wireless connection to purchase tickets or use a ticket?
Yes, you will need a network or wireless connection to purchase tickets.
Using tickets stored on your device does not require a network connection. Using tickets stored in the cloud requires a network connection."

How quickly is the payment processed?
Once the payment is authorized, the purchase is processed immediately.

Where is my personal information and credit card information stored?
All personal and credit card information is stored on a securely encrypted Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant server. Although your information is visible while logged into your account, no personal data is stored within the application itself.

Do you accept commuter benefit cards?
Yes. However, if you are having any difficulty entering a commuter benefit card, please use the “Contact Us” form in the MuniMobile app and forward along the name of your commuter benefit card provider.

I am eligible for reduced fares; can I get reduced fares through the app?
Yes, and you must be prepared to show your proof of eligibility while riding on Muni and in the paid areas of Muni stations. For more information on accepted forms of ID, refer to the discount single ride fare page.

I did not receive a confirmation email when I purchased tickets. Did my order go through?
Check your junk/spam email folder. The confirmation email may have ended up there.
You can check in the MuniMobile app as well. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. You should be able to see your purchase under the “Available” tab of the "Use Tickets" menu in the MuniMobile App (make sure you refresh the listing). If the tickets are not there, it is likely that the transaction did not go through.

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3. Using Tickets

When should I activate my tickets?
In the Muni Metro subway, activate your ticket before passing through the faregate. Show your active ticket to the station agent. If the station agent isn't present, you can still pass through the faregate as long as your ticket is active.
When boarding a Muni vehicle at street level, activate your mobile ticket just before boarding.

How do I use a ticket?
Open the MuniMobile app on your phone, and select "Use Tickets" in the menu. Select any of the tickets listed under "Available." Tap desired ticket to activate it.

How will I know my ticket is active?
You will see your ticket in the "Active" tab in the "Use Tickets" menu. When you open the ticket, it will be animated and display the expiration date.

Do I use MuniMobile on the Clipper readers or on the fare gates in metro stations?
No, Clipper is not available on MuniMobile at this time. Follow the instructions above to activate and use MuniMobile tickets.

Do I need to enter the bus or train through the front door to use MuniMobile?
You may board through any door. If you prefer to board through the front door and show your active ticket to the transit operator, please feel free to do so.

Can multiple fares be purchased at one time?
Yes, you can purchase multiple tickets by adding multiple fare types to your cart and/or increasing the quantity of each fare.

Can I use multiple tickets at the same time on my device for family and friends?
Yes, you can activate multiple tickets at one time and they will show in the 'Active' tab under 'Use Tickets'.

Will a fare inspector or other SFMTA personnel need to handle my device?
No. However, the fare inspector may request for you to display your ticket for them to verify the ticket's validity.

If the ticket takes a long time to display, what should I do?
Some phones with older operating systems may not work as fast as newer phones. If you have an older phone that works a little slower, please be sure to give yourself plenty of time to activate the ticket before the vehicle arrives or before entering the fare gates.

What if I am unable to use a ticket 6 months after I bought it?
You would need to purchase another ticket.
No replacement tickets or refunds will be issued.

What if my device battery dies?
You are responsible for showing proof of valid fare upon request by a fare inspector or other SFMTA personnel. Only a visible, active ticket will be considered a valid form of fare payment.

How many tickets can I purchase at one time? How many tickets can be stored on the MuniMobile app?
You can purchase up to 20 tickets in a single order.  MuniMobile can store an unlimited number of tickets, but please note that you only have 6 months to use a ticket once you have bought it.

Can I see how much time is left on the active ticket before it expires?
Yes, the expiration date and time is displayed on the ticket. If your ticket expires, you may not board another vehicle without activating a new ticket. You may also see the expiration date and time on available tickets by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and then selecting 'View Ticket Details' from the pop-up window.

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4. Clipper, Monthly Passes and More

Can I add Clipper onto MuniMobile?
No, MuniMobile is not compatible with Clipper at this time. 

Do I use MuniMobile on the Clipper readers or on the fare gates in metro stations?
No, MuniMobile is not compatible with Clipper at this time. Please show your ticket to the station agent, transit operator, and/or fare inspector.

Can I purchase a monthly pass on MuniMobile?
If you are income eligible, you can purchase the monthly Lifeline Pass on MuniMobile. If you would like to purchase other monthly passes, please use Clipper. 

Are inter-agency discounts offered on MuniMobile?
MuniMobile is a Muni-only service. Discounts associated with transferring from other agencies, such as BART and SF Bay Ferry, to Muni are only available through Clipper. 

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5. Transferring Tickets

What should I do if my phone was lost or stolen?
Please email for assistance with locking your account and/or transferring tickets to a new phone.

What if I purchased the wrong ticket? Can I get a refund?
MuniMobile tickets are non-refundable with the exception of cable car tickets or passports activated during verifiable cable car service outages. Additional information can be found on our Refund Policy page.

What should I do if I replace my current device?
Your tickets are stored on your phone by default, which makes it possible to use them without an internet connection. You will need to transfer any passes or unused single ride tickets from your old phone to the cloud. 

How to transfer your tickets:

  1. Open the MuniMobile app on your original phone.  
  2. Open the “More” menu
  3. Select “Ticket Storage”
  4. Select the available tickets in the “This Device” section
  5. Click “Save to Cloud”

On the new device:

  1. Download and open the MuniMobile app
  2. Open the “More” menu
  3. Sign in with your user account
  4. Go to “Ticket Storage”
  5. Select the available tickets in the “Cloud” section
  6. Click “Save to Device”

If you forget to transfer your passes or unused single ride tickets, please email for assistance transferring tickets to a new phone.

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