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Upper Market Scheduled for May 2 SFMTA Board Meeting

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Safety improvements proposed as part of the Upper Market Street Safety Project will go to the SFMTA Board of Directors for approval on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.  This will be the final approval action for this project.  

The Upper Market Street Safety Project represents the culmination of over two years of public outreach meetings, community events, near-term painted improvements to Market Street, and coordination with neighborhood groups. The project corridor is a .9 mile long stretch of Market Street from Octavia Boulevard to Castro Street, carrying thousands of people biking, walking, riding transit and driving everyday. Despite the street's popularity, there is a pressing need for safety improvements. From 2011 to 2016, there were 174 collisions on the Upper Market corridor, 22 involving a pedestrian and 51 involving a bicyclist.  

The SFMTA's proposal to create a safer Upper Market Street for everyone includes the following elements:  

  • 14 concrete bulbouts (2 large, at Guerrero and 16th)
  • 2 blocks of parking-protected bike lane 
  • 1.8 lane-miles of green paint and other paint upgrades to the bike lanes on Market
  • 1 Muni Board island reconfigured to meet accessibility guidelines
  • 4 pedestrian refuge or thumbnail islands
  • 8 green bike boxes  
  • 3 expanded medians
  • 16 locations with upgraded curb ramps
  • Landscaping and green elements throughout the project corridor

For a detailed map of the proposed project, please view our project proposal [PDF].