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Muni Forward

As part of Muni Forward, we're introducing a new Muni Map in an effort to increase system legibility and effectively communicate the different transit choices available to customers.

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Project Details

As part of Muni Forward, we’re also rolling out a new, more legible Muni map that is streamlined and designed to convey the frequency of service on any given route. The map will use different colors and thickness of lines to differentiate between the most frequent service (Metro, Rapid, Express) and local transit service. 

New Muni Map 

New system map image

The new map design was gifted to the SFMTA by professional cartographers and is based on Muni Forward’s new route classification framework, which explains the roles that different routes play in the city, and highlights the different choices customers have when deciding how much time they want to spend walking to a transit stop, waiting for a transit vehicle, or riding transit to their destination. Specifically, the map highlights the routes that make up the backbone of the Muni system (the Rapid Network), which provide frequent service to reduce wait times, and include various transit priority enhancements to reduce ride times. 

Key features of the new map include:
  • Color and line weights that distinguish the most frequent, reliable service from the less frequent service
  • Street labels that are right justified and major streets that appear larger than minor streets.
  • Street name text presented in title case, rather than in ALL CAPS.
  • Symbols indicating locations of hospitals, libraries, and schools.
  • Also serves as a pedestrian map by showing and labeling all streets and staircases.
This new Muni system map is planned for rollout in April 2015. 


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