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55 Dogpatch

The SFMTA has been working with the community to determine possible alignments and stops for a new connection to the 16th Street Corridor called the 55 Dogpatch. The goal of this new route is to balance current rider needs, future development considerations and the steep grades of many streets in the area.

The 55 Dogpatch will be an extension of the existing 55-line and is being designed to maintain and enhance transit connections to Potrero Hill and the Dogpatch. This change is being coordinated with implementation of the  16th Street Improvement Project, which will shift the eastern portion of 22 Fillmore bus route to travel the length of 16th Street from Church to 3rd Street. Once this shift happens, transit connections between the 16th Street corridor and the Dogpatch/Potrero Hill area currently served by 22 Fillmore will be replaced by the 55 Dogpatch.

During the summer and fall of 2018 the SFMTA has been working closely with the community to determine routing of the new 55 Dogpatch. We are currently evaluating the results of a recent survey on route alignment and will provide updates in early 2019. You may also contact the project staff listed below for questions or updates.


Project Timeline 
Fall 2018
Community Input and Outreach
Early 2019
Report to Community about Route Alignment
Fall 2019
Anticipated Implementation
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Erin McMillan