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Active Beale Street
Project Introduction

Project Overview

The Active Beale Street Project aims to improve Beale Street with:

  • A transit-only lane from Market to Natoma streets that connects five Muni and three Golden Gate Transit lines to the Transbay Transit Center
  • A protected, two-way cycle track for bicycling between Market and Folsom streets
  • Wider sidewalks near Market and between Howard and Folsom streets
  • A casual carpool pickup zone restored between Howard and Folsom streets
  • A loading zone between Howard and Folsom streets
  • Landscaping that provides better protection for people walking and bicycling from traffic


The Active Beale Street Project is part of a larger neighborhood-wide community planning initiative called the South Downtown Design + Activation Plan (Soda). Soda seeks to create vibrant streets and revitalizing open spaces, while encouraging active transportation choices, as the East Cut neighborhood grows. 

The SFMTA Board of Directors unanimously approved the project on June 16, 2020. Project construction is expected to occur in phases and be coordinated with other city agency and private development projects. A two-way bikeway was installed in December 2020 from Market Street to the Salesforce Transit Center as a quick-build improvement in advance of the larger Active Beale Street project.

Market to Natoma streets

Above: Beale Street with proposed transit-only lane, two-way cycle track between Market and Natoma.

Natoma to Folsom streets

Above: Beale Street with proposed two-way cycle track and sidewalk extensions between Natoma and Folsom streets.

Project Goals:

To improve operations for Muni and Golden Gate Transit, a transit-only lane woud connect to the Salesforce Transit Center. By adding landscaping elements, the project would provide better protection for people who walk and bike from vehicles, and enhance the environment as the East Cut neighborhood continues to grow. The project also aims to encourage more regional trips made by carpool by restoring a casual carpool pick-up zone.

    Project Timeline 
    Spring 2019
    Stakeholder outreach
    Spring 2020
    SFMTA Board of Directors meeting
    Summer & Winter 2020
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