UPDATE: Delay on Bill Walsh Way has cleared. The IB 29 resuming regular service. https://t.co/f19vLFawk2 (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

Rail Recovery

Project Introduction

Alert: Effective August 25 Muni Metro will be shut down for several weeks. Buses will serve these routes. 

Temporary Metro bus substitutions:

  • J Church bus will operate between Balboa Park and Church & Duboce approximately every 15 minutes
  • K Ingleside bus operate between Balboa Park and Embarcadero approximately every 15 minutes
  • L Taraval bus will operate between SF Zoo and Embarcadero approximately every 10-15 minutes
  • N Judah bus will operate between Ocean Beach and 4th & King approximately every 8-10 minutes
  • M Ocean View bus will operate between Balboa Park and West Portal approximately every 12 minutes
    • *For Service to or from downtown, use L or K bus transfers at West Portal Station.
  • T Third bus will operate between Sunnydale and Castro & Market every 8-10 minutes


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Muni Metro is scheduled to return in August 2020. Putting Muni Metro back in service frees up buses currently in use for the L Taraval, M Ocean View, N Judah and T Third to serve additional routes and improve service frequency systemwide.  As Metro service is restored, the SFMTA is planning to increase capacity in the subway by adjusting which Metro lines enter the tunnels. The J Church, K Ingleside and L Taraval lines will be taken out of the subway.

A high-frequency shuttle in the subway will replace these Metro lines. Devoting the tunnels to the higher capacity shuttle uses the space in our subway much more efficiently. These changes will support more essential trips, physical distancing and our city’s economic recovery. Overall, it’s a better use of limited space to move more people, given the distancing constraints we are facing.  

Below are highlights of the service changes in effect as of August 22.


Muni Metro Lines That Will Shift to Surface-only Routes:

In order to significantly cut down delays and congestion in the tunnels, the following Muni Metro service will return, but will temporarily no longer use the subway:

  • J Church: The J Church will temporarily no longer enter the subway. It will terminate at Market Street. To continue downtown customers can transfer to the TM Third-Oceanview line or S Shuttle at Church Station on Market and Church, or the N Judah at Duboce and Church. To learn about the temporary new transfer visit the J Church Transfer Project.
  • LK Taraval-Ingleside: The L Taraval and K Ingleside will be combined (interlined) into an LK Taraval-Ingleside line and will no longer enter the subway at West Portal Station. This new combined LK Taraval-Ingleside route will run from the SF Zoo to City College at Balboa Park Station. West Portal will be a transfer point to either the TM Third-Ocean View or S Shuttles for riders who need to continue to downtown. To learn about the temporary new transfer visit the West Portal LK Transfer Project.