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Muni Metro Rail Service Rescheduled

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Rail service has been rescheduled for a later date.

To Be Rescheduled
Service Affected
Weekend Traffic and Transit Advisory

Muni Metro Rail resumes with a modified network. Please read below for a summary of the modified network. For more detailed information, visit the Rail Recovery page. Route Pages will be updated on Saturday, August 22, 2020, including schedule information, NextMuni predictions and Live Map data.

Map of modified Muni Metro lines starting service on August 22, 2020.

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J Church

The J Church will temporarily operate on the street level only, between Balboa Park and Church & Market. To access the Muni Metro Subway, the N Judah, the 22 and the 37, transfer at Church & Market.

Map of transfer point at Church & Market, connecting the J to the Subway, N Judah, 22 and 37. For the Subway, use the subway entrances on northwest and southwest corners of Market & Church; station elevator is located just west of the northwest stairwell. For the N Judah to Ocean Beach, board at the platform on the northwest corner of Duboce & Church; accessible ramp is located on the northeast corner of Duboce & Church. For the 37 inbound to Van Ness, board at the island at the southwest corner of Market & Church; outbound to Twin Peaks, board at the island on the northeast corner of Market & Church. For the 22 southbound, board at the island on the northwest corner of Church & 14th St; northbound, board at the same island as the last J stop, southeast corner of Church & Market. Image links to animation on YouTube.

J Church First and Last Stops by Destination
Destination First Stop Last Stop
To Church Station San Jose & Geneva Church & Market
To Balboa Park Church & Market Balboa Park Station

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LK Taraval/Ingleside

The L Taraval and K Ingleside will temporarily interline as the LK Taraval/Ingleside, operating on the street-level only between Sunset Blvd and Balboa Park. To access the Muni Metro Subway, transfer at West Portal Station.

Map of transfer point at Ulloa & West Portal Station, connecting the LK to the Subway and the 48. Both LK stops are just west of the station entrance. The 48 stop is located on the southeast corner of Ulloa & Wawona, behind the eastbound LK platform.Image links to animation on YouTube.

LK Taraval/Ingleside First and Last Stops by Destination
Destination First Stop Last Stop
To Sunset Blvd San Jose & Geneva Taraval & Sunset
To Balboa Park Taraval & 32nd Ave Balboa Park Station

Construction on Taraval

During construction of the L Taraval Improvement Project, stops west of Sunset Blvd will be served by L Taraval Construction Bus, which includes express service to West Portal Station.

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N Judah

The N Judah resumes its full route between Ocean Beach and the Caltrain Depot. There are new boarding locations in the Inner Sunset as part of the Inner Sunset Streetscape Improvement Project.

N Judah Stop Changes by Direction
Direction Closed Stops New Stops
Downtown and Caltrain
  • Irving & 7th Ave
  • Irving & 4th Ave
Ocean Beach
  • Irving & 4th Ave
  • Irving & 7th Ave

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S Shuttle

Thet S Shuttle resumes as a regularly scheduled, subway-only line, operating between West Portal and Emabarcadero stations.

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TM Third Street/Ocean View

The T Third Street and M Ocean View will temporarily interline as the TM Third Street/Ocean View, operating between Balboa Park and Sunnydale via Downtown.

Going from Balboa Park to Downtown, the M will change to the T at West Portal Station.

Going from Sunnydale to Downtown, the T will change to the M at Embarcadero Station.

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