FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Duboce and Noe has cleared. IB #NJudah resuming service. (More: 4 in last 48 hours)

Muni Forward Transit Priority Projects
Project Introduction

Muni Forward includes engineering improvements—also known as Transit Priority Projects—designed to address transit delay, improve reliability, and increase the safety and comfort of customers along our most heavily used routes. These projects include a variety of treatments that specifically address the root causes of delay and passenger frustration, like traffic congestion, transit stops that are spaced too close together, narrow travel lanes, and slow boarding times. Project elements include lane modifications, traffic signal and stop sign changes, transit stop changes, parking and turn restrictions, pedestrian improvements and many others.

Transit Priority Projects are one key strategy of Muni Forward. For a full list of all Muni Forward projects, please see the Muni Forward Implementation Plan.

Project Status

Muni Forward Transit Priority Project Status

Transit Priority Projects map