FINAL UPDATE: #FMarket cleared at Market and 6th. Regular service resuming. Expect rolling delays. (More: 17 in last 48 hours)

10 Townsend (Suspended)


Inbound to Pacific Heights
Outbound to San Francisco General Hospital


24th and Potrero via Potrero, Rhode Island, 26th, Wisconsin, 25th, Dakota, 23rd, Wisconsin, 20th, Connecticut, 17th, DeHaro, 16th, Rhode Island, Division, 8th, Townsend (Caltrain Depot), 2nd, Market, Sansome, Pacific, Polk, Jackson, Van Ness, Pacific to terminal.

Weekday Daytimes: Trips extended via regular route along Pacific, then via Van Ness, Jackson to Fillmore.


Pacific, Powell, Broadway, Battery, Washington, Sansome, Market, 2nd, Townsend (Caltrain Depot), 8th, Division, Rhode Island, 17th, Connecticut, 20th, Arkansas, 23rd, Dakota, 25th, Wisconsin, 26th, Kansas, 23rd, Utah, 24th to terminal.

Weekday Daytimes: Trips originate from Jackson and Fillmore via Jackson, Steiner, Washington, Van Ness, Pacific and regular route.