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Week of October 2: A more reliable bus ride is coming soon

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Eastbound 38R Geary from Park Presidio

Bus stop changes coming to Geary Boulevard on October 14 

As part of the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project, bus stop changes are happening beginning Saturday, October 14 to improve transit travel time and reliability. 

  • The 38 local inbound and outbound bus stops at 12th Avenue are being discontinued. Board at Park Presidio or 9th Avenue. 

  • Nine bus stops are being relocated across the street from the near-side to the far-side of the intersection. The inbound stops at 25th Avenue, 23rd Avenue, 20th Avenue, 17th Avenue, Park Presidio and 6th Avenue will move to the east side of the intersection. The outbound stops at 3rd Avenue, 20th Avenue and 22nd Avenue will move to the west side of the intersection. Learn more about how moving a bus stop from nearside to far-side improves transit performance. 

  • The outbound stop at Geary and 6th Avenue will be relocated to the west side of the intersection in 2025. 

Map of bus stop changes on Geary Blvd. 

Signs will be posted and ambassadors will be available to help direct riders to the nearest bus stop. 


Quick-Build update 

Quick-Build implementation began in September and is expected to continue through November. These changes include:

Transit lanes and parking changes. New parking on some cross streets near Geary has been created by converting parking on one side of the street to angled. We have begun installation of transit lanes with white paint and signs between 28th and 15th avenues. To make room, angled parking on Geary is being converted to parallel parking.  The following blocks are underway this week:  

  • Geary outbound (north side of street): 15th-16th Avenue, 17th to 19th Avenue, 23rd to 24th Avenue, 25th to 27th Avenue 

  • Geary inbound (south side of street): 28th to 27th Avenue, 22nd to 21st Avenue, 19th to 18th Avenue 

Work next week includes converting angled parking to parallel and installing new red curbs for bus zones for relocated bus stops on the following blocks:  

  • Geary outbound/westbound (north side of street): Park Presidio to 14th Avenue, 20th to 21st Ave, 22nd to 23rd Ave 

  • Geary inbound/eastbound (south side of street): 25th to 24th Avenue, 23rd to 22nd Avenue, 20th to 19th Ave, 17th to 16th Ave, Park Presidio to Funston Avenue 

Additional red curb for bus stop relocations will be installed on Geary inbound/eastbound between 6th Avenue 5th Avenue and Geary outbound/westbound between 3rd and 4th Avenue. 

Safety improvements. To improve safety, left-turn restrictions will be implemented at 11 intersections, all intersections will be “daylighted” to improve visibility, and traffic signals will be re-timed to provide more time for people walking to cross the street.  

Geary at Park Presidio transit and safety improvements. Next week, some additional changes are planned near Geary and Park Presidio to improve transit and safety in this busy area. Westbound right turns from Geary onto 14th Avenue and eastbound right turns from Geary onto Funston will be restricted to allow room for two buses to stop in these locations. While the initial installation to restrict these right-turns will be with white plastic posts called delineators, a concrete bulb-out will be built during the project’s full construction phase to provide an improved waiting area. Learn more about past planning for this location.