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Parking-Protected Bike Lanes, Concrete Dividers Shaping Up on 13th and Division

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Two photos. One photo shows a man bicycling on a newly-installed curbside bike lane on 13th Street, separated from traffic lanes by a lane of car parking and a buffer area. Second photo shows a curbside bike lane on eastbound Division Street with newly-installed concrete dividers covered by construction fixtures.
Left: A new parking-protected bike lane on 13th Street, from Harrison to Bryant Street. Right: Freshly-installed concrete dividers on eastbound Division, from Bryant/11th to 10th Street.

Fresh paint and concrete are drying on new bike lanes on 13th and Division streets, where the safety improvements approved earlier this month are under construction.

The road markings for the new bike lane are mostly complete on eastbound 13th, from Folsom Street to Bryant/11th Street. That includes a new curbside, parking-protected bike lane on the block from Harrison to Bryant Street.

Concrete dividers, which help provide a more protective and comfortable barrier between curbside bike lanes and vehicle traffic, are also coming to both directions of Division between 10th and 11th streets (where 13th becomes Division).

On that block, the new eastbound bike lane and concrete dividers are almost ready, and the existing westbound bike lane will have its plastic posts replaced with the dividers next week. Both bike lanes were repaved to provide a smoother ride and help prevent rain puddles from forming.

Most of the bike lane segments on 13th and Division are also getting green paint to make people on bikes more visible and to discourage drivers from illegally parking in them.

Learn about all of the improvements coming to make 13th and Division safer for people walking, biking and driving in last week's blog post and on our Division/13th Street Safety Project page.

Four photos showing an SFMTA crew installing bike lane and sharrow markings on the road on 13th Street.
The SFMTA's paint shop team installing bike lane markings on eastbound 13th Street on Wednesday.