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This February we’re launching a few minor service changes aimed at improving on-time performance, reducing crowding and managing the impacts of major construction projects currently underway. Read our blog post for a more in-depth look at these service changes, or see below for a brief summary. 

60-foot 5R Fulton RapidCrowding initiatives

Service will be added on busy, over-crowded lines, and reduced on lines with extra capacity:

Increased frequency: 8AX AM/PM peaks, 25 (extending PM peak), 29 AM peak

Reduced frequency to improve service efficiency: 7X AM peak, 8BX PM peak, 14X AM peak, 82X PM peak, F line. Specifically, the F line will be slightly reduced in the morning and afternoon to address terminal crowding and unreliablity.

More capacity: Good news, we’re adding 60-foot buses to the 5 Fulton! This service improvement follows 60-foot buses on the 5R Rapid last year and comes in advance of street improvements along McAllister later this year.

28R route change28R 19th Avenue Rapid Service Changes:

We’re adding a new stop for the 28R at 19th/Noriega. Now even more Sunset residents will have access to North/South Rapid service!

We’re also slightly modifying the southern portion of the route. The last stop will now be Balboa Park Station at Geneva/San Jose. For Muni Access between Balboa Park and Geneva/Mission, board the 8 Bayshore or 43 Masonic.

New stops, removed stops or moved stops:

We’re rolling out a handful of stop changes to improve route efficiency and travel time on the following lines:*

  • 5 Fulton/5R Fulton Rapid: Relocating the inbound Masonic stop from the nearside to the farside of the intersection.
  • 5 Fulton Owl and 7X Noriega Express: Discontinuing the stops at Golden Gate/Hyde & Golden Gate/Jones and moving the existing 5 Owl stop at Golden Gate/Leavenworth to the farside of the intersection for use by the 5 Owl and 7X.
  • 10 Townsend: Discontinuing the inbound and outbound stops at 2nd/Folsom .
  • 12 Folsom/Pacific: Discontinuing the outbound stop at 2nd/Folsom .
  • 27 Bryant: Discontinuing the outbound stops at Bryant/13th and Bryant/Alameda. Establishing a new stop at Bryant/Division.
  • 48 Quintara-24th: Moving the outbound Quintara/43rd stop from the farside of the intersection to the nearside.
  • L Taraval and L Owl: Eight L Taraval stops will be discontinued as one part of the L Taraval Rapid Project to improve travel time and reliability. These include inbound and outbound stops on Taraval at 28th and Ulloa at 15th, the inbound stop at Taraval/24th, and outbound stops on Taraval at 17th, 22nd and 35th.

*Please note an earlier email went out denoting stop changes for the 30, 30X, 45 and 91. There will be no stop changes on those lines at this time. 

F-Market & Wharves

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17th and Castro at Market (Castro Street Muni Metro station) via 17th Street, Market (uses island stops), Steuart, Ferry Terminal loop, Embarcadero, Jefferson, Jones to Beach.


Jones, Beach, Embarcadero, Ferry Terminal loop, Steuart, Market (uses island stops), Noe, 17th Street to terminal.

Note: Some stops between Van Ness and 1st Street are not wheelchair-accessible. See F Market accessibility.

Note: Selected trips travel to or from Balboa Park BART via Church Street and do not stop at the BART station itself.

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