Division/13th Street Safety Project

Project Overview

Existing conditions on Division Street

Division/13th Street is a key east-west corridor for people biking to destinations like the Caltrain Station, the Mission District, AT&T Ballpark, and the South Beach area in general. Many well-used bike routes also cross Division Street at multiple locations.

However, there are pressing needs to increase safety in the area. In a five year period alone, there were 106 collisions along the Division/13th Street corridor, including two traffic deaths.

To increase safety and comfort in the area, the SFMTA is proposing a range of bicycle and pedestrian safety improvements along the corridor and some side streets.

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Project Details

Key safety improvements proposed by the SFMTA include:

  • A new parking-protected bikeway, on westbound 13th Street from Bryant to Folsom (Detailed view here)
  • New protected bikeways on eastbound 13th Street from Folsom to Bryant (Detailed view here)

  • A new protected intersection design, sidewalk, painted bulb-outs, and traffic operation improvements at 9th/Division

  • Improved channelization and sharrows at the traffic circle at 8th/Townsend/Division

  • Enhancing the Division Street bike lane with more separation, including a parking-protected design from the Townsend traffic circle to 9th Street and upgraded protection from 10th Street to 11th Street (Detailed view here)

Safety Needs

Every year, 30 people are killed and 200 more are seriously injured while traveling on city streets. These deaths and injuries are unacceptable and preventable, and San Francisco is committed to eliminating them.

By adopting a policy called Vision Zero 2014, the City and County of San Francisco is committed to building better and safer streets, educating the public on traffic safety, enforcing traffic laws, and prioritizing resources to implement effective initiatives that save lives. Vision Zero aims to eliminate all traffic deaths in San Francisco by 2024 and the SFMTA is prioritizing efforts on the corridors that have the highest number of serious and fatal collision, including Division/13th Street.

The Division/13th Street Safety Project is in support of Vision Zero and will implement targeted safety improvements on the corridor, one of the city’s streets that account for a disproportionate amount of traffic collisions (106 collisions and two traffic deaths in 2007 – 2012 alone.)


Improvements at 9th/Division and westbound 13th Street from Bryant to Folsom were funded by the Office of Mayor Edwin M. Lee, addback dollars from the office of District 6 Supervisor, Jane Kim, and the sale of SFMTA revenue bonds.

Improvements on eastbound 13th Street from Bryant to Folsom and Division Street from 10th to 11th may be funded by Prop B. 


Parking-protected bikeways on westbound 13th Street from Bryant to Folsom were installed in 2015.

The protected intersection at 9th/Division and parking-protected bikeways on Division between 10th and 9th were installed in December 2016.

The project timeline for eastbound 13th Street from Bryant to Folsom is as follows:

  • December 2016 – February 2017: Conceptual Design and Environmental Review
  • January – March 2017: Community and Stakeholder Outreach
  • March 17, 2017: Public Hearing
  • April 18, 2017: SFMTA Board Meeting (final approvals)
  • Late Spring - Summer 2017: Construction