Twitter: HeadsUp: @THESFMARATHON is tomorrow, 5:30 a.m. Multiple routes across the city will see reroutes & minor delays. 3 hours
Twitter: ATTN: Due to #MuniSubwayTest & @sfmarathon, tomorrow's hours for real time monitoring will be 6am to 3pm. 4 hours
Twitter: Reminder: Now until 8/10 & 8/14-20 no wknd #subwaysvc w/ Mon-Fri subway svc ending @ 9:30pm for #MuniSubwayTest.… 5 hours
Twitter: Reminder: During early & wknd #MuniSubwayTest closures the #MOceanview & #LTaraval will run btwn Bal Pk & the zoo.… 5 hours
Twitter: Reminder: During early & wknd #MuniSubwayTest closures the #KIngleside will run btwn St. Francis Cir & Balboa Pk.… 6 hours

Getting Around

Whether you choose to take Muni, ride a bicycle, travel by car or cab, or walk about the city, we're here to help you reach your destination.

Information & Resources
An LRV and PCC Streetcar 1008 on the Third Street Line during the E Line Demo Weekend | August 26, 2012

Muni Transit

Everything you ever wanted to know about riding Muni buses and historic streetcars, Muni Metro light rail, and our famous cable cars.



Find a place to park, apply for or renew a parking permit, and learn how to avoid tickets.



Bicycling routes, safety tips, theft prevention guides and more.

Taxis in a parking lot


Where and how to hail taxis, lost and found, and general tips.

Pedestrians crossing the street using a crosswalk


Walking is the simplest mode of transportation. We at SFMTA encourage and support safe pedestrian environments, with projects and programs geared to increasing foot traffic in our city.

Disabled passenger waits at ramp access for streetcar to pull up | March 11, 2013


San Francisco’s accessible features and services.

City Car Share vehicle drives past City Hall

Car Sharing

Short-term car rental services available throughout the city.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Find parking and commercial routes for trucks and tour buses.

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