Pay Meter by iPhone App

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Download app from Apple App Store 

 Screen print of the Pay by Phone app in the iOS app store

How to Pay by iPhone

1. Launch the app, then sign in, sign on as guest,  or register for an account.

Screen print of the Pay by Phone launch screen

2. Enter location, length of stay, and confirm details.

Screen print of location choosing screen


  • On single-space meters, the location number appears on a decal on both the front and back of the meter and on the screen. Press any button to activate the meter screen. 
  • On multi-space paystations, the paystation number appears on both the front and back of the device and on the paystation screen. Press any button to activate the paystation screen. For blocks managed by pay-by-license-plate paystations, zone numbers also appear on overhead signs along each side of the street.  Customers may pay at the paystation or via the PayByPhone app using either the number on the paystation or the zone number on the overhead sign, even if the two numbers are different. Using either the paystation number or the zone number will show the license plate as “paid” in the enforcement system.

Screen print of duration choice screen showing that a location has been chosen already

3. Select PAY & PARK.

Screen print of purchase confirmation screen showing location, expiry time, and total cost, plus a pay and park button.


Screen print of remaining time, with an option to extend.

Screen print of payment selection screen, allowing choice of cards, apple pay, or adding a new payment method.

3. Note time remaining to extend parking if needed. Add new card or use Apple Pay.

Edits: Tap location, vehicle or cost information to jump back to edit at any time.

  • Return to Choose Duration - Tap back button
  • Return to Choose Location - Tap location tab
  • For vehicle overlay - Tap vehicle selected
  • Return to Choose Duration - Tap duration and cost field

When parking transaction is complete, the app displays remaining time in real time so you know when your parking expires.