HeadsUp: Due to ongoing issues with system wide staffing levels, extended wait times are possible on the L Bus, 5R, https://t.co/psvzdzEgRj (More: 15 in last 48 hours)

Goal 1: Create a safer transportation experience for everyone.

Safety is the agency’s first priority. There is no greater need than ensuring the safety and security of the system’s users and the general public. Delivering a safer transportation experience requires coordination of the agency’s personnel and resources across the city, as well as maintaining a consistent, reliable, and safe transportation network with agency partners.

In addition to working to achieve Vision Zero by eliminating all traffic-related fatalities, the agency will work to create a safer transportation experience by continuing to reduce collisions, address vulnerabilities and areas of improvement; implement safety and training programs; and collaborate with city partners to ensure the best conditions possible for the network and customers.

You can track our progress in implementing these objectives by checking out the interactive dashboards for the performance metrics. As we develop the dashboards for the performance metrics outlined in the SFMTA Strategic Plan, they will be posted online there. In the meantime, full reporting on all agency metrics is available in the monthly Strategic Plan Progress Reports.


Objective 1.1: Achieve Vision Zero by eliminating all traffic deaths.

Since its adoption in 2014, Vision Zero has remained a citywide priority. Strategies to reduce pedestrian fatalities are the agency’s most urgent concern, and the ongoing efforts in support of Vision Zero could range from street design and physical projects, to education programs, and targeted enforcement. Ongoing discussions and alignment between the SFMTA and many other municipal agencies, including the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the San Francisco Police Department, will be instrumental in helping achieve Vision Zero.

Objective 1.2: Improve the safety of the transit system.

Ensuring safe operations is a priority and common focus across the agency. The SFMTA is actively engaged in reducing collisions and injuries throughout the transit system, and is working to improve San Francisco’s streets and transit routes to meet the needs of the city. Work done in support of this objective include modernizing the fleet, identifying and addressing issues at key locations, and expanding staff training programs.

Objective 1.3: Improve security for transportation system users.

Regardless of how they choose to travel, all residents, workers, and visitors should feel secure from threats while using the transportation system. The agency will continue to work with the San Francisco Police Department and other partners to better protect people and prevent crime on city streets, at transit stops, in Muni stations, and on transit vehicles.